DO 41, s. 1987 – Addendum to DECS Order No. 23, s. 1987

April 28, 1987
DO 41, s. 1987
Addendum to DECS Order No. 23, s. 1987

To: Undersecretaries
Assistant Secretaries
Bureau Directors
Regional Directors
Cultural Agency Directors
Chiefs of Services and Heads of Centers/Units

  1. In accordance with the provisions of DECS Order No. 27, s. 1987, Implementing Guidelines on the Reorganization of the Department, the following technical committees with their corresponding functions are created:
    1. Qualification Standards: To review the existing qualification standards for positions in the approved staffing pattern of the Department.
      Dr. Edith Carpio, Assistant Director, BEE
      Dr. Felix Pagalunan, Assistant Director, NCR
      Dr. Marcos Ayllon, SHNC
      Dr. Charles Villanueva, OPS
      Mrs. Lydia Siapno, Personnel Division
      Ms. Nellie Dawinan, DBM
    2. Recruitment and Selection: To set up a procedure for the recruitment and selection procedures for the Departmentwide reorganization.
      Dr. Marsha Mogul, Assistant Director, Region IV
      Dr. Lourdes Sumagaysay, Assistant Director, BMEE
      Dr. Alcestis Guiang, Assistant Director, BTVE
      Dr. Teresa Soba, Assistant Director, METRC
      Dr. Ma. Lourdes Macatangay, Assistant Director, BPESS
    3. Funding Requirement: To determine the budgetary requirement for the proposed reorganization of the Department.
      Mrs. Elanquise Bautista, FMS
      Miss Estelita Millan, FMS
      Mrs. Lydia Austria, FMS
      Mr. Dalmacio Casison, Jr., FMS
      Dr. Ester Tuy, OPS
      Ms. Milagros Panti, DBM
  2. In view of the time constraints specified in EO 117, the heads of offices concerned are enjoined to allow the temporary detail of the above-mentioned members to the DECS Reorganization Committee and for them to report immediately to the Reorganization Committee for further clarification of their expected outputs and timetable.
  3. Maximum dissemination of this Order to all concerned is hereby enjoined.

References: DECS Orders Nos. 23 and 27, s. 1987
Allotment: 1—(M.O. 1-87)

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