DO 47, s. 1987 – Reorganization of the Management of the UNESCO Associated Schools Project

May 8, 1987
DO 47, s. 1987
Reorganization of the Management of the UNESCO Associated Schools Project

To: Undersecretaries
Bureau Directors
Regional Directors
Executive Officer, SIEM
Coordinator, Associated Schools Project

  1. This Office hereby gives due course to the recommendations of the Education Committee, Unesco National Commission of the Philippines, as approved by the Commission’s Executive Committee, as follows:
    1. A Steering Committee is hereby designated to consist of the Directors of the Bureaus of Elementary Education, Secondary Education and Higher Education, Department of Education, Culture and Sports and two representatives of UNESCO National Commission, one of whom to represent the Education Committee and the other to represent the Secretariat of the Commission. The Secretariat for International Education Matters (SIEM) shall serve as the Secretariat of the Steering Committee.
    2. The Steering Committee shall be responsible for monitoring the activities and for monitoring the UNESCO Clubs and the associated schools through a coordinating committee to be subsequently created.
    3. The incumbent coordinator of this project shall submit to the Steering Committee all reports of past activities, operational procedures, current lists of members, statement of accounts and other pertinent records of the associated schools.
  2. Considering the importance of this project as a means of promoting the work of UNESCO in the school system and of encouraging appreciation of our international commitments to UNESCO and other UN agencies, it is desired that this project be strengthened through the participation of more educational institutions at all levels. For this purpose the Secretariat for International Education Matters is hereby
    authorized to undertake such actions as are necessary and appropriate in consultation with the Steering Committee.
  3. It is further desired that, henceforth, all record of this project shall be deposited in the appropriate depository in this Office.
  4. The turnover of reports and other documents stipulated in paragraph 1.c shall immediately be done but not later than 2 weeks upon receipt of this Order.
  5. This Order shall take effect immediately.


Reference: None
Allotment: 1—(M.O. 1-87)

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