DO 28, s. 1988 – An Order Confirming EDPITAF as the Department’s Project Development and Implementing Arm for All Foreign Assisted Projects in Education

March 11, 1988
DO 28, s. 1988
An Order Confirming EDPITAF as the Department’s Project Development and Implementing Arm for All Foreign Assisted Projects in Education

To: Undersecretaries
Assistant Secretaries
Bureau Directors
Regional Directors
School Superintendents
All Concerned

  1. For the information and guidance of all concerned and pursuant to Presidential Memorandum dated November 4, 1987 requiring all departments to establish a central project group to take charge of project development and implementation, this Order confirms EDPITAF as the Department’s project development and implementing arm for all foreign assisted projects in education or other areas as may be assigned by the Secretary.
  2. For this purpose, EDPITAF, which shall directly be under the Office of the Secretary, shall continue to perform the following functions:
    1. To prepare and develop projects;
    2. To implement projects;
    3. To identify sources of project funds such as grants, loans, credits and other sources; to arrange for the negotiation, approval and signing of such grant, loan and credit agreements;
    4. To administer project funds including liaison with the funding agencies;
    5. To monitor, supervise, coordinate and review the implementation of projects;
    6. To undertake pre-project studies (e.g. sector and/or sub-sector review, pre-investment studies, feasibility studies, etc.) as may be assigned by the Secretary;
    7. To render professional and technical assistance to DECS units as may be assigned by the Secretary.
  3. In the discharge of the above functions, EDPITAF will continue to closely work with the appropriate offices and units in DECS in (a) the translation of policy decisions into program/project plans; (b) the identification, preparation and packaging of projects taking into account policies and standards act for the sector; (c) meeting institutional objectives of the projects; and (d) post-project evaluation and institutionalization.
  4. In the course of implementing projects, where the project involves an office, agency or instrumentality of the government other than DECS, EDPITAF will establish appropriate working arrangements with such office agency or instrumentality including the turnover of project outputs to these offices upon its completion to be integrated with and made part of the regular operations thereof.
  5. It is hereby reiterated that the Undersecretary for Foreign Assisted Projects, being the Department’s Projects Implementing Officer (PIO) pursuant to DECS Memorandum dated December 12, 1987, will continue to supervise EDPITAF and will concurrently serve as its Executive Director.
  6. For compliance and guidance.


Reference: MECS Order: No. 67, s. 1985
Allotment: 1-2–(M.O. 1-87)

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