DO 72, s. 1988 – Operationalizing and Institutionalizing Government’s Productivity Improvement Program (GPIP) in the DECS Amended by DO 92, s. 1990 – Strengthening the Operationalization of the Government Productivity Improvement Program (GPIP) in the DECS

July 27, 1988
DO 72, s. 1988
Operationalizing and Institutionalizing Government’s Productivity Improvement Program (GPIP) in the DECS

To: Undersecretaries
Assistant Secretaries
Bureau/Cultural Agency Directors
Regional Directors
Chief of Service/Heads of Units/Centers
Chiefs of Divisions

  1. Cognizant of the need to continuously upgrade the performance of government in providing the most efficient, economical and effective delivery of services to the people consonant with Administrative Orders Nos. 38, s. 1987 and 63, s. 1988, the following support committees are hereby reconstituted to supplement similar government programs on productivity improvement, notably the Service Improvement Program launched for DECS in 1986 by the Productivity and Development Center (PDC)of the Development Academy of the Philippines (DAP).
    1. Steering Committee
      1. Undersecretary Adriano A. Arcelo – Chairman
      2. Asst. Secretary Diosdado P. Tuason – Member
      3. Asst. Secretary Marcial Salvatierra – Member
      4. Asst. Secretary Ramon Bacani – Member

      Define program goals and formulate plans, policies and guidelines for the implementation of Government’s Productivity Improvement Program.

    2. Training Committee
      1. Dr. Fe Hidalgo – Chairperson
      2. Dr. Graduacion Acosta – Member
      3. Mrs. Aleli Andres – Member
      4. Mrs. Gloria Bautista – Member


      1. Train new DECS-Productivity Improvement Program (DECS-PIP) leaders from Central and Regional Offices personnel;
      2. Provide continuing education for DECS-PIP leaders by conducting and updating learning sessions;
      3. Participate in Productivity Improvement Program (PIP) – related seminars/trainings;
      4. Invite external resource persons with expertise on organizational reforms, management effectiveness and operational economies;
      5. Coordinate with other support groups;
      6. Submit status reports to Steering Committee.
    3. Evaluation Committee
      1. Dr. Frine Jimenez – Chairman
      2. Dr. Blanquita D. Bautista – Member
      3. Mr. Benjamin Etrata – Member
      4. Miss Estelita D. Millan – Member


      1. Formulate criteria for project evaluation and determine appropriate format of reports;
      2. Review DECS-PIP proposals and assist DECS-PIP members in evaluating the implementation of the projects;
      3. Coordinate with support groups;
      4. Submit status reports.
    4. Promotions Committee
      1. Dr. Orlando B. Claveria – Chairman
      2. Mrs. Gloria A. Liquicia – Member
      3. Miss Elena Q. Tanodra – Member
      4. Ms. Zenaida Domingo – Member


      1. Formulate promotional plans;
      2. Disseminate information about the DECS-PIP program in all levels of the organization;
      3. Coordinate with other support groups;
      4. Submit status reports.
    5. Incentive Awards Committee
      1. Asst. Secretary Marcial Salvatierra – Chairman
      2. Mr. George R. Garma – Member
      3. Mr. Minrado Batonghinog – Member

      Develop an incentive scheme providing financial and/or non-financial awards to individuals and/or groups who, as a result of the implementation of their innovative project proposals, improved the efficiency and economy of the organization’s operations.

    6. Secretariat/Coordinators
      1. Mr. Leovigildo P. Arellano and the Management Division Staff
      2. Miss Lucy Eleazar, Physical Facilities Division, B.E.E.


      1. Coordinate and monitor all DECS-PIP activities to determine what types of projects are implemented, the cost effectiveness and impact of implemented projects on the entire organization;
      2. Designate DECS representatives in external DECS-PIP related activities;
      3. Integrate and consolidate status reports and project proposals.
  2. In-depth productivity improvement innovations in the DECS Proper and all DECS Agencies shall focus on five clusters; cost effectiveness/work simplification/systems improvement/waste prevention and attitudinal development. The Office/Agency shall decide which area/s is practical and necessary to pursue since the applicability is situational in context. In the Central Office these shall be spearheaded by and undertaken as pilot projects in the following action/client oriented offices – Accounting Division, Budget Division, Personnel Division, Payroll Services Division, and the Cash Division.
  3. This DECS Order shall take effect August 15, 1988.
  4. Cooperation of all concerned is enjoined.


Reference: None
Allotment: 1–(M.O. 1-87)

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