DO 105, s. 1988 – Establishing the Department Legislative Liaison Office (DLLO) Including Its Secretariat Support Services

December 7, 1988
DO 105, s. 1988
Establishing the Department Legislative Liaison Office (DLLO) Including Its Secretariat Support Services

To: Undersecretaries
Assistant Secretaries
Regional Directors
Bureau Directors
Chiefs of Services and Heads of Units/Centers
Chiefs of Divisions

  1. Consistent with Cabinet Resolution No. 16, s. 1988, the Department Legislative Liaison Office (DLLO) is hereby created including its secretariat support services under the Office of the Undersecretary for Legal and Legislative Affairs. The DLLO shall be headed by an Assistant Secretary as the Department Legislative Liaison Officer with two deputies, one for the Senate and another for the House of Representatives.
  2. In general, the DLLO shall attend to the various aspects of the legislative services requirement of the Department in coordination with the Presidential Legislative Liaison Office (DLLO) and shall undertake liaison work with both Houses of the Congress of the Philippines.
  3. Specifically, the DLLO shall perform the following functions:
    1. Provide the necessary linkage between the Department Secretary with the Presidential Legislative Liaison Office and counterpart Congressional Committees;
    2. Relate with the individual members of Congress, receive and attend to their concerns and requirements, and the Congressional Committee Chairman principally involved with the Department’s concerns in behalf of the Executive Branch by providing staff support thru:
      (1) Periodic operational review of the Department’s work;
      (2) Invitation of legislators to Department affairs and field visits;
      (3) Regular meetings with the appropriate congressional staff to thresh out matters of common concern;
      (4) Provision of research data, reports and other documents helpful to legislation;
      (5) Schedule regular visits to Congress of senior Department officials.
    3. Facilitate and monitor the progress of bills certified by the President as urgent for enactment by Congress;
    4. Steward and promote the passage of legislation high in the Department’s agenda;
    5. Set up and operate a tracking and accountability system for individual bills filed concerning the Department, including a mechanism for communicating the Department’s position on all bills which should be cleared by the appropriate authority in the Department;
    6. Coordinate closely with the Presidential Legislative Liaison Office in the halls of Congress.
    7. Follow the flow of legislative business, and inform the concerned units or authorities in the Department of pertinent developments. Secure and review daily the Congressional Order of Business to be aware of items in the agenda.
    8. Provide reliable feedback and assessment of problems, prospects and opportunities for the President’s and/or the Department’s legislative concerns.
    9. Attend regularly and participate actively in the meetings of the Legislative Liaison Staff, including attendance of Committee meetings/conferences when agency concerns are taken up;
    10. Provide notices of committee meetings to the senior officials of the Department, the preparation of agenda and briefing materials, legislative briefs, minutes and provisions for conference support services;
    11. Perform such other functions as may be assigned by the President, the Cabinet or the Secretary/Undersecretary for Legal and Legislative Affairs.
  4. The DLLO Secretariat shall provide effective and efficient staff support to the PLLO and the DLLO, and shall have such staff complement as shall be approved by the DBM.
  5. The DLLO shall likewise be provided with adequate logistical support including office equipment/furnitures and mobile facilities, and such entitlement to appropriate transportation and representation allowances, subject to availability of funds and pertinent rules on government expenditure.
  6. All Department officials and personnel are enjoined to extend full support and cooperation to the DLLO in the exercise of their functions and duties.
  7. This Order shall be effective upon its approval.


Reference: None
Allotment: 1-(M.O. 1-87)

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