DO 14, s. 1990 – Policies Regarding Accommodating in the Teachers Camp, Baguio City

February 28, 1990
DO 14, s. 1990
Policies Regarding Accommodating in the Teachers Camp, Baguio City

To: Undersecretaries
Assistant Secretaries
Bureau Directors
Regional Directors
School Superintendents
Presidents, State Colleges and Universities
Vocational School Superintendents/Administrators

  1. The following policies regarding accommodations in the Teachers Camp, Baguio City shall be effective starting June 1, 1990:
    1. Accommodation
      (1) Accommodation in the Teachers Camp shall be available year-round to individuals, families and groups in the order of priority/preference as follows:

      1. Teachers and school officials attending DECS sponsored conventions, seminars and training programs.
      2. DECS officials, teachers and their guests vacationing in Baguio City (reservations subject to confirmation by Teachers Camp).
      3. Students on educational tour and student conferences endorsed by the school head.
      4. Participants attending church-school related activities.
      5. Other government personnel (non-DECS) attending seminars, training programs and similar government departments, bureaus and offices.
      6. Civic, labor and professional groups undertaking training programs.
    2. Regulations on Reservations and Accommodation
      (1) Reservations for accommodations in the cottages and dormitories, including the use of the conference and mess facilities are to be arranged with the Front Desk Office, Administration Building, Teachers Camp, Baguio City, (Tel. No. 442-3517).
      (2) Reservations are to be confirmed by Camp Management. For group reservations, Teachers Camp requires an advance of 50% of the estimated bill upon confirmation, the balance payable before departure from the Camp.
      (3) Incoming request shall check in during business hours only. The payment of cottage rentals, lodging fees and the cost for the use of other facilities shall likewise be made during office hours.
      (4) Check-out time is 12:00 noon.
    3. The use of Cottages by DECS Officials
      (1) The following officials are assigned (non-revenue) cottages in the Camp for their exclusive use:
      The Secretary
      The Undersecretary
      (2) Except for the cottages assigned to the Secretary and the Undersecretaries, the use of all other (revenue generating) cottages by DECS officials shall be subject to the policies and regulations of the Camp on reservation, confirmation, accommodation, daily rentals, and other related matters.
      (3) Cottages shall be assigned for the use of each of the Assistant Secretaries, Chiefs and Bureau Directors during the Annual Educators Congress which they shall share with members of their staff or other participants of the Congress. The said officials are also given priority in the use of the cottages off-congress, subject to the Camp policies on reservation, confirmation, accommodation, daily rentals and the like.
      (4) Separate cottages for men and women shall also be designated for the use of Center Directors, Regional Directors, Assistant Regional Directors and heads of units during the Annual Educators Congress. The room/cottages assignment for all participants to the Congress shall be determined by the Camp management. Accommodation in the Camp during the congress is limited to participants only. Officials/Participants bringing along their families should arrange for housing outside the Camp in accordance with Congress rules, but if space permits, they may be allowed to stay in the Camp.
    4. The daily rates for the use of the Camp facilities is inclosed. Rates may be changed without prior notice.
    5. Guests are enjoined to observe the house rules. (Please see Inclosures Nos. 1 and 3).
  2. Previous Memorandum and Orders that are inconsistent with the contents of this Order are hereby rescinded.
  3. It is desired that this Order be given wide publicly.


Incls.: As stated
Reference: DECS Memorandum: No. 133, s. 1989
Allotment: 1-2-3–(M.O. 1-87)

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