DO 70, s. 1990 – Enforcement of Sanctions Related to Violations of DECS Order No. 50, s. 1990

June 19, 1990
DO 70, s. 1990
Enforcement of Sanctions Related to Violations of DECS Order No. 50, s. 1990

To: Bureau Directors
Regional Directors
President and Heads of Private Schools, Colleges and Universities

  1. In consonance with the thrust of the government to improve access to educational opportunities and as a manifestation of the sincere desire of the Department of Education, Culture and Sports to respond to the appeal of students and their parents, all private schools are enjoined to follow strictly the guidelines on tuition and other school fees as provided for in DECS Order No. 50, s, 1990.
  2. Schools that have collected tuition increase in excess of the allowable rate of 6.5% without consultation and DECS approval are directed to reimburse students immediately for such overcharge.
    However, this provision does not cover increases under specific provisions 3.1 and 3.4 pertinent to increases of tuition and other fees of all incoming freshmen in all levels and of programs with at least Level II accreditation which are to be placed as a trust fund pending approval of such increases.
  3. Reports have been received by this Department that a number of schools have violated certain provision of DECS Order No. 50, s. 1990. In this connection of said DECS Order will be strictly enforced.
  4. Towards this end the following steps shall be taken:
    4.1 As first warning, advice regarding specific violations will be sent to the school concerned;
    4.2 If no corrective measures are taken by the same school, a second written warning will follow;
    4.3 If the school persists in its violation. The DECS Regional Office shall initiate drastic action, such as the following depending on the gravity of the offense.
    4.3.1 A freeze on tuition fee increases for a period of 5 years.
    4.3.2 Closure of the program.
    4.3.3 Filing of the necessary administrative and criminal charges against the school officials concerned.
    4.3.4 Closure of the school.
  5. For immediate compliance.


Reference: DECS Order: (No. 50, s.1990)
Allotment: 1-4—(M.O. 1-87)

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