DO 92, s. 1990 – Strengthening the Operationalization of the Government Productivity Improvement Program (GPIP) in the DECS

August 21, 1990
DO 92, s. 1990
Strengthening the Operationalization of the Government Productivity Improvement Program (GPIP) in the DECS

To: Undersecretaries
Assistant Secretaries
Bureau/Cultural Agency Directors
Directors of Services/Centers and Heads of Units
Regional Directors
Schools Superintendents
Chiefs of Divisions

  1. 1. In September 1987, President Aquino issued Administrative Order No. 38 establishing the Government Productivity Improvement Program (GPIP) to energize the bureaucracy and improve the delivery of basic and frontline services.
  2. All line agencies of the National Government which include DECS are enjoined to participate in the GPIP. The National Council on Government Productivity Improvement Program chaired by the Secretary of the Department of Budget and Management was established as the primary and coordinating body of the program, with the Secretary of Education, Culture and Sports and other line Secretaries as members.
  3. To implement the GPIP, the following Committees under the Council were created:
    1. Technical Committee – Acts as the clearinghouse of matters before the National Council takes action. (Undersecretary level)
    2. Productivity Improvement Projects (PIP) Committee initiates activities. (Assistant Secretary level)
    3. Public Awareness and Information (PAI) Committee as the public relations arm. (Director level)
    4. Other sub-committees.
  4. In consonance therefore with Administrative Orders Nos. 38, s. 1987 and 63, s. 1988, this Department has reconstituted the support committees which are listed in the inclosure to this Order together with officials designated to implement DECS programs on productivity improvement as well as the Service Improvement Program launched by DECS in 1986 assisted by the Productivity and Development Center (PDC) of the Development Academy of the Philippines (DAP).
  5. Each team/office shall study and decide through the Service Improvement Program (SIP) approach which area/s is/are practical to pursue since the applicability is situational in context. All regional, division, and district offices which have no trained SIP facilitative trainors shall conduct a training program to be assisted by the DECS HRDS Staff Development Division.
  6. The chief of the Management and Audit Division will in turn assign at least three SIP facilitators trained by DAP for assistance in installing Service Improvement Teams (SITs).
  7. This Order shall amend DECS Order No. 72, s. 1988; and shall take effect immediately.
  8. Cooperation of all concerned is enjoined.


Incl.: As stated
Reference: DECS Order: (No. 72, s. 1988)
Allotment: 1-2—(M.O. 1-87)

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