DO 71, s. 1991 – Exercising Judicious Care in the Allocation of Teaching Items and Hiring and Transfer of Qualified Teachers

June 18, 1991
DO 71, s. 1991
Exercising Judicious Care in the Allocation of Teaching Items and Hiring and Transfer of Qualified Teachers
To:   Regional Directors
School Superintendents
Vocational School Superintendents/Administrators
District Supervisors
Secondary School Principals
1.   The public school system has perennially suffered from a severe lack of qualified teachers due primarily to scarcity of funds to pay their salaries. Notwithstanding this situation, however, reports continue to reach the undersigned that some school administrators do not exercise judicious care in the allocation of teaching items and in the hiring of qualified teachers, or worse, engage in corrupt practices such as the payment of “ghost” teachers and acceptance of bribes in the hiring or assignment of teachers.
2.   In order to properly monitor the allocation, hiring and transfer of teachers, the following measures are hereby adopted:

a.   Effective immediately, each school, district and division shall formulate a teacher deployment schedule which identifies priority allocation requirements based on enrolment and the standard class sizes and subject area requirements (for high school). This schedule shall be the primary basis for deployment of teaching items, both new and those vacated by retirement, resignation, etc. The schedule adopted by each division should be submitted to the Office of the Under Secretary Erlinda C. Pefianco through the regional office.

b.   The practice of over-reporting of enrolment (giving way to the emergence of “ghost” pupils) is strictly prohibited and shall be a cause for severe disciplinary action against teachers and their superiors who tolerate such practice. All enrolment reports shall be duly certified under oath by teachers and their superiors.

c.   Hiring of new teachers shall strictly conform with prescribed qualification standards. In addition, all divisions shall maintain a rank list of qualified teachers which shall be the basis for hiring and assignment. All concerned shall also strictly monitor the six-month probationary status of all appointments of teachers recommended for permanency within which period the performance, credentials, and other qualifications of those hired shall be monitored and verified.

3.   Special monitoring teams from the DECS Central and Regional Offices will be fielded to ensure compliance with these measures.
4.   For the guidance and compliance of all concerned.
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Allotment: 1-2-3—(M.O. 1-87)
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