DO 101, s. 1991 – Strategies for Hastening the Implementation of the Instructional Materials Component of the Secondary Education Development Project (SEDP)

August 21, 1991
DO 101, s. 1991
Strategies for Hastening the Implementation of the Instructional Materials Component of the Secondary Education Development Project (SEDP)
To:   Undersecretaries
Assistant Secretary for Instructional Materials
Director, Bureau of Secondary Education
General Manager, Instructional Materials Corporation
Executive Director, EDPITAF
Central PBAC and its Secretariat
1.   One of the key features of the Secondary Education Development Project (SEDP) is the provision of appropriate instructional materials in the form of textbooks and teacher’s guides on a 1:1 book-student ratio to the public high schools.
2.   Considering the vital support of instructional materials in the implementation of the New Secondary Education Curriculum, it is imperative that measures be undertaken to make them available to the end-users without unnecessary delays. For this purpose, the following strategies have been drawn for the guidance of all concerned:
a.   The Instructional Materials Task Force (IMTF) is hereby organized to closely coordinate and integrate the activities relating to the phases of textbook implementation. The INTF shall consist of the following:
Chairman: Undersecretary in charge of foreign Assisted Projects
Vice-Chairman: Assistant Secretary in Charge of Instructional Materials
Members: Director, Bureau of Secondary Education
Executive Director, EDPITAF, General Manager, Instructional Materials Corporation
Project Manager, Secondary Education Development Project
Chief, PBAC technical Secretariat
Specifically, the IMTF shall be tasked to:
(1)   Review the overall progress of SEDP instructional materials implementation and continuously update, in consultation with concerned parties, the schedule of implementation;
(2)   Review the problems that the instructional materials component is encountering or is likely to encounter in its implementation, and to work out with the concerned parties/agencies appropriate remedial measures to solve these problems;
(3)   Provide the coordination linkages with such persons or agencies in integrating the activities and corresponding schedules in each phase of the textbook cycle and adopt measures to fast track the accomplishment of required tasks; and
(4)   Prepare a monthly report to the Secretary on the progress of work.
b.   The IMTF shall meet every first Tuesday of each month and its shall continue to operate until the completion of production of all the remaining SEDP titles of SEDP instructional materials.
c.   The Project Management Unit (PMU) or SEDP shall provide the Secretariat of the IMTF.
d.   To expedite the work of the IMTF, the concerned office shall make available in the IMTF meetings any of their staff members involved in the instructional materials activities.
e.   Specific timetables that are set for submission of revised manuscripts to the Instructional Materials Corporation must be strictly observed by the deadlines without justifiable cause will not be permitted.
f.   It is the writers group’s responsibility to ensure that the manuscripts for submission to the IMCorp. Fully or adequately meets the publication requirements, i.e., a clean-typed manuscript with the content appropriately covering the Desired Learning Competency, the revisions as suggested are incorporated, all illustrations or drawings and captions are complete, etc.
g.   Articles or literary pieces where there are difficulties encountered in obtaining copyright permission must be replaced by the writers’ group at the earliest possible time.

h.   The instructional Materials Corporation must ensure that there is an adequate number of editors to work on the submitted manuscripts.i.   The IMcorp. Must within the crash program schedule for undertaking the editorial processing, printing, and distribution work as follows:

Normal Schedule Crash Program
(1)   Editorial Processing 270 days 180 days
(2)   Printing 120 days 90 days
(3)   Distribution 120 days 73 days
j.   The Central PDAC and its Secretariat must work within the procurement schedule that will be submitted by the IMCorp. For engaging the required printing and forwarding services. Any deviation from the schedule that will delay the approval of award must be conveyed to the IMTF immediately thru its Secretariat (PMU-SEDP) so that remedial steps can be taken. Evaluation of bids and resolution to award must be done within two (2) days after bids have been opened.
Signatories to the Resolutions to Award and contracts must ensure that these are acted on within 2 hours upon receipt.
k.   The ImCorp. Must facilitate the release of the donated CIDA textbook paper from the Manila pier.
3.   Each head of the key agencies involved in the SEDP implementation of the instructional materials must immediately meet their concerned staff to orient them on the contents of this Order and discuss the priority activities that require immediate action.
4.   This Order shall take effect immediately.
Reference:   DECS Order: No. 11, s. 1989
Allotment:    1—(M.O. 1-87)
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