August 30, 1991
DO 105, s. 1991
Hiring or RCMs/RCs for SEDP-SBP
To:   Regional Directors
1.   This is to clarify the responsibilities and authorities in the hiring of Regional Construction managers and Resident Engineers who will be assigned in the construction of school buildings under the SEDP.
a.   Regional Construction managers
The regional Directors are empowered to select and appoint Regional Construction Managers in accordance with the qualification guidelines set by EDPITAF. Confirmation shall be made by the Secretary upon recommendation by the EDPITAF Executive Directors. The qualification requirements must be strictly followed to avoid disapproval.
b.   Resident Engineers
The Regional Directors are empowered to select and appoint Resident Engineers. As a matter of policy, there shall be one full-time RE for each project site. The hiring of Res does not need the confirmation of the Secretary.
2.   This is also to inform the regional directors that Coronal, Aliling & Associates, Inc. (CPRAL) has been officially tasked to assess and evaluate Resident Engineers, Regional Construction Managers, Central PMU Engineers, and  all technical personnel who are involved in the SEDP-School building projects. Copy of a directive to CORAL, for reference and guidance is reproduced at the back hereof.
Reference:   DECS Order: No. 81, s. 1991
Allotment:   1—(M.O. 1-87)
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