DO 130, s. 1991 – Utilization of the Technical and Vocational Education (TVE) Manpower Plan

November 20, 1991
DO 130, s. 1991
Utilization of the Technical and Vocational Education (TVE) Manpower Plan
To:   Bureau Directors
Regional DIrectors
Presidents, State Colleges and Universities
Vocational School Superintendents/Administrators
Heads of Private School, Colleges and Universities
1.   The Bureau of Technical and Vocational Education, recognizing the mismatch of hte middle level skills manpower supply with the requirements of the economy and the proliferation of post-secondary non-degree courses developed a Technical and Vocational Educational Manpower Plan. This activity is one of the thrusts of the Technical and Vocational Education Project (TVEP) and was formulated in cooperation with the Institute for Labor Studies, a labor policy research arm of the Department of Labor and Employment.
2.   The Technical and Vocational Education (TVE) Manpower Plan Executive Summary, copy of which is provided as an inclosure to this DECS Order, covers a six-year (1990-1995) period has the following objectives:
a.   Provide and analysis of the current middle level skill manpower situation in the country;
b.   Define the middle level skill manpower requirements of the economy by industry level and occupation;
c.   Identify and analyze the current technical and vocational education outputs, namely the technicians, craftsmen and operatives;
d.   Match middle level skill manpower requirements with technical and vocational education outputs;
e.   Forecast trends of middle level skill manpower requirements and supply on a five-year period; and
f.   Recommend policies and schemes to realign training offerings with skills in high demand and to promote the recognition of technical and vocational graduates.
3.   Utilization of this plan shall pave the way for the strengthening of existing relevant technical and vocational education programs, development of new course offerings needed especially in priiority economic areas and building additional capabilities to respond to the expected manpower requirements in the next six years.
4.   Consultation meetings shall be conducted to discuss the utilization of the plan and develop implementation guidelines for the technical and vocational institutions during the quarterly conferences of the fourteen (14) Chiefs of DECS Regional Technical and Vocational Education Divsions and the annual conferences of the Technical Advisory Committees and the administrators of the technical and vocational edication institutions.
5.   An annual updating and validation of the planned targets and projections particularly with regard to manpower requirements, training targets, enrolees and graduates, to take into account global and local market developments is imperative.
6.   Relevance of existingcourses in relation to the real demands of industry, addtional budget requirements and budget assistance to operationalize programs and projects among others must be  considered in the validation of the Plan.
7.   Implementation of selective institutional programs shall be realigned with the BTVE program thrusts to ensure realization of the plan’s objectives and in a way ease up widespread unemployment.
8.   Prioritization and/or realignment of non-degree post-secondary course offerings, formulation of admissiopn policies and determination of quantitative as well as qualitative developments in the technical and vocational education sub-sector shall be based on said plan.
9.   Immediate dissemination od this Order is desired.
Incl.:   As stated
Reference:   None
Allotment:   1-3-4–(M.O. 1-87)
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