October 11, 1994 – DO 68, s. 1994 – Prescribing a Common DECS Uniform Nationwide

October 11, 1994
DO 68, s. 1994
Prescribing a Common DECS Uniform Nationwide

To: All DECS Officials and Employees

  1. It is hereby declared to be the policy of this Department to have a common uniform for all officials and employees nationwide, to be acquired and worn as prescribed, in order to foster a spirit of unity and a sense of pride and belonging within the organization.
  2. To implement this policy, a Committee on National DECS Uniforms is hereby created, to be composed of the following:
    Chairman – Assistant Secretary Rosalita T. Nunez
    Vice Chairman – Director Fe A. Hidalgo
    Members – Representative of teachers
    Representative of school principals
    Representative of school supervisors
    Representative of school division superintendents
  3. The Committee shall prescribe the design, material and color of the uniforms, including the schedule for wearing such, subject to the final approval of the undersigned. The Committee’s decision shall be strictly followed by all DECS schools and units.
  4. The full clothing allowance shall be released in cash to individual teachers who shall be allowed to make their own arrangements for acquiring or making the prescribed uniforms.
  5. No DECS teacher or employee should be compelled in any way to patronize any specific supplier, whether of textiles, garments or sewing services, nor should any DECS official endorse or designate any individual or entity as an authorized supplier. Violation by any DECS official of the latter prohibition shall be subject to disciplinary action.
  6. Expenses in connection with meetings of the Committee shall be charged against funds of the Office of the Secretary, subject to accounting and auditing rules and regulations.
  7. For strict compliance.

DECS Memorandums: (Nos. 180, s. 1984 and 127, s. 1990)
Allotment: l-2-3-4–(M.O. 1-87)

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