November 28, 1994 – DO 81, s. 1994 – Pre-Retirement Innovations and Options for Results (PRIOR)

November 28, 1994
DO 81, s. 1994
Pre-Retirement Innovations and Options for Results (PRIOR)

To: Undersecretaries
Assistant Secretaries
Bureau Directors
Regional Directors
Directors of Services/Centers and Heads of Units
Schools Superintendents
Presidents, State Colleges and Universities
Vocational School Superintendents/Administrators

  1. This is in response to the Civil Service Commission’s mandate under MC No. 23, s. 1993 providing continuing opportunities for advancement not only to new recruits but also for officials and: employees who opt to retire soon from the government service. This is envisioned to help participants discover innovations and options that will sustain them physically, mentally, socially and financially after living an active life.
  2. In view hereof, all concerned are enjoined to design, implement and evaluate in-service training and development programs to ensure that officials and employees in their respective region/division/school who are planning to retire shall have undertaken a Pre-Retirement Course, 1-2 years prior to their retirement.
  3. A copy of suggested schedule of activities including the course content is inclosed.
  4. Immediate dissemination of this Order is desired, and shall take effect immediately.

Incl.: As stated
Reference: None
Allotment: 1-2-3—(M. O. 1-87)

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