June 30, 1995 – DO 40, s. 1995 – Promoting Culture and Arts in Schools


June 30, 1995
DO 40, s. 1995
Promoting Culture and Arts in Schools

To: Regional Directors
Schools Superintendents
Directors of Services/Centers and Heads of Units
Presidents, State Colleges and Universities
Heads of Private Schools, Colleges and Universities

  1. This Office supports all efforts towards enhancing pupil/student learning of Filipino culture and arts particularly through the integration of culture and arts studies in the curriculum at the elementary and secondary levels.
  2. Programs of linkages with the National Commission on Culture and the Arts (NCCA), its various subcommittees as well as with other agencies, both government and nongovernment, that are involved in the dissemination and education of culture and arts and its advocacy are encouraged. Other areas of cooperation with artists, writers and practitioners shall be pursued in order to bring to the schools greater understanding and appreciation of Filipino, culture and arts.
  3. For this purpose, all public schools colleges and universities shall make available their auditoriums, theaters, multi-purpose halls and other similar facilities to agencies that wish to make a cultural or arts presentation for the benefit of the academic community as well as for others. Arrangements may be made directly with the respective heads of institutions or with the DECS regional offices.
  4. Widest dissemination of this Order is desired.

Allotment: 1-2-3-4—(M.O. 1-87)

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