August 4, 1995 – DO 43, s. 1995 – Policies and Procedures for the Procurement of School Desks and Chairs


August 4, 1995
DO 43, s. 1995
Policies and Procedures for the Procurement of School Desks and Chairs

To : Undersecretaries/Assistant Secretaries
Regional, Bureau and Center Directors
Division and Vocational Superintendents
All Others Concerned

In line with the Departments objective of securing good quality and cost-effective school desks and chairs m a timely manner, as well as the additional objectives promoting environment-friendly technology and creating local livelihood, the following policies and procedures are issued for the guidance of all concerned:

  1. Procurement Quota By Level
    The procurement of school desks and chairs from the 1995 budget allocation shall be pro-rated as follows:
    Percentage of Requirement Based On 1995 Budget==To be undertaken By:==Sources of Supply
    20%==Division Offices==Local (Province or nearby provinces)
    30%==Regional Offices==Regional/National
    50%==Central Office==National
    1.1 Local suppliers may also participate in the bidding at regional and national levels provided that they have met accreditation requirements at such levels.
  2. Field Testing and Accreditation
    2.1 In line with the objective of developing and testing new materials and the need to monitor the performance of specific models in actual field conditions, the following combinations of materials are authorized:

    1. All wood
    2. Wood plus other materials (ie wood upper and steel lower frame)
    3. All steel
    4. Steel plus other materials

    2.2 The technical specifications for each of the above combinations which shall be used for purposes of bidding, are enclosed as Annex 1-h
    2.3 The approved agency estimate (AAE) for each desk/chair model shall be supplied by the central office to the regional and division offices upon request prior to any bidding.
    2.4 Desks shall be procured for Grades 1 to 3 while armchairs shall be procured for Grades 4 and 6 and secondary schools.
    2.5 All desks and chairs, regardless of source, shall pass the test/s to be conducted by the DECS central office before they are subjected to bidding. Field offices are enjoined to make arrangements for the submission of samples to the central office for the required testing.
    2.6 For purposes of initial monitoring of performance, the share of each type of material as mentioned in item 2.1 shall not be less than 5% of the total. To illustrate, since the share of all wood is at least 5% and that for wood and steel is 5%, then the share of wood-based desks and chairs should be at least 10%. Depending on performance monitoring findings, the relative shares may be revised in future procurement.

  3. Implementation Of Procurement Quota
    3.1 For the implementation of the quota provided in section. I hereof, the regional offices shall inform the central office and their respective division offices the budget allocation corresponding to their quota as well as the estimated number of desks and chairs expected, from such budget.
    3.2 Any regional or division office may opt to have its quota bidded out by central office just as the central office, in the future, may opt to have its
    quota be bidded out by field offices.
  4. Procurement Procedures
    4.1 All procurement for regular supply of desks and chairs shall be by public
    4.2 However, the central office may negotiate for the procurement of a small number of desks and chairs (not more than 50 units of each kind) for try-out and field testing purposes.
    4.3 It is enjoined that strict compliance with the rules of public bidding and negotiation and other accounting and auditing requirements shall be adhered to by all concerned.
  5. Environment-Friendly Materials and Technology
    5.1 All concerned are hereby reminded of the presidential directive to all government offices to utilize environment friendly materials to conserve our forests and promote sustainable development. Relative thereto, wood-based desk suppliers shall be encouraged to utilize recycled wood and agro-waste as well as tree slumps and the plantation tree varieties. In all cases, except recycled wood and agro-waste, the supplier must have the proper certification as to the source of the wood material.
  6. Effectivity
    This Order is effective immediately. Any transaction by field units not in accordance with this Order shall be deemed invalid, for which reason DECS funds shall not be disbursed.

For the guidance and strict compliance of all concerned.

As stated
References: DECS Memorandums: Nos. 335 and 366, s. 1994 and 38, s. 1995
Allotment: l-2-(M.O. 1-87)

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