DO 11, s. 1996 – Organization of the Different Implementation Groups for the 1996 Desks/Armchairs Project


January 31, 1996

DO 11, s. 1996
Organization of the Different Implementation Groups for the 1996 Desks/Armchairs Project

To: Undersecretaries
Assistant Secretaries
Bureau Directors
Regional Directors
Schools Superintendents
Chiefs of Services/Centers and Heads of Units Others Concerned

  1. Pursuant to the provisions of DECS Order No. 7, s. 1996, the following implementation groups for the 1996 Desks/Armchairs Project are hereby organized:
    Chairman USEC Antonio E.B. Nachura
    Executive Officer ASEC Reno A. Capinpin
    Legal Officers Atty. Nellie Tansioco
    Atty. Deusdedit Quijano Members: Atty. Domingo A. Salita
    Private Sector Representative
    Representative of the Regional Directors Association
    Representative of the Philippine Association of Schools Superintendents
    1.1.2 DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES Invite prospective bidders through advertisement in newspapers of national circulation. Issue prequalification/statements forms. Prequalify prospective bidders. Issue bid documents, plans and specifications. Conduct pre-bid conference. Receive and open bids/tenders. Prepare abstract of bids/tenders. Evaluate bids/tenders. Prepare/Issue Resolutions to Award. Perform any attendant action necessary.1.2 ACCREDITATION GROUP
    Group Leader – Dr. Dominador C. Capinpin
    Asst. Group Leader – Mr. Dalmacio F. Casison, Jr.
    Members: Engr. Luis Purisima, Jr.
    Mrs. Maritess Ablay
    Mr. Deogracias B. Genito Jr.
    1.2.2 DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES Review company profile of each prospective bidder to determine completeness of documents required for accreditation. Compile company profile of all prospective bidders. Conduct plant visits to ensure adequacy of machineries, manpower, scarce of materials, and working space Assess financial and manufacturing capabilities of each prospective bidder and determine their appropriate classification or category Recommend to the DECS-PBAC Chairman accreditation of qualified prospective bidders. Issue Certificates of Accreditation to prospective bidders approved by the DECS-PBAC Chairman for accreditation. Perform any attendant action necessary.1.3 PHYSICAL FACILITIES GROUP
    Group Leader – Ms. Merlinda Belicario
    Asst. Group Leader – Engr. Nelson Bellosillo
    Members: – Ms. Gracelyn A. Crisostomo
    1.3.2 DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES Prepare working drawings for each type of desk/armchair by grade level for the elementary based on isometric measurements. Prepare working drawings for each type of desk/armchair for secondary based on isometric measurements. Prepare agency estimates for each type of desk/armchair {elementary and secondary). Evaluate prototype desks/armchairs submitted. Conduct necessary tests to ensure that materials used are of good and acceptable quality. Certify as to the durability of prototype desks and/or armchairs submitted, suitability and quality of materials used and conformance with plans and specifications.1.4 CONTRACT MANAGEMENT AND MONITORING GROUP
    Group Leader – Mr. Leovigildo P. Arellano
    Asst. Group Leaders – Dr. Dominador C. Capinpin
    Mr. Dalmacio F. Casison, Jr.
    Members: Management and Audit Division
    1.4.2 DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES Acts as Secretariat of the DECS-PBAC.
    – Receive, review, process, prepare and compile all program/project documents, i.e., bid documents, resolutions to award, notice of award, notice to proceed, contracts, disbursement vouchers and the like.
    – Process and submit evaluation of bids to the DECS-PBAC Chairman for deliberation. – Monitor and assess/audit the implementation of the program/ project at all levels.
    – Prepare and submit report on the status of program/project implementation on a regular basis (quarterly) for purposes of policy formulation and decision-making.
    – Conduct plant/site inspection production, period and after delivery to recipient schools, observance of specifications, plans and timetable.
    – Bring to the attention of the Secretary/Chairman of the DECS-PBAC irregularities, significant
    deviations from plans and specifications, unsatisfactory
    performance of manufacturers, defective, poor quality and/or delayed delivery of
    desks/armchairs, Monitor and assess/audit the Implementation of the 1995 desks/armchairs project. Perform any attendant action necessary.
  2. All concerned are enjoined to extend full support and cooperation.
  3. This Order takes effect immediately.

DECS Order: (No. 7, s. 1996)
Allotment: 1-2—(M.O. 1-87)

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