DO 12, s. 1996 – Designation of Dr. Romeo L. Saplaco as FFP And FFPCC National Adviser


February 2, 1996
DO 12, s. 1996
Designation of Dr. Romeo L. Saplaco as FFP And FFPCC National Adviser

To: Regional Directors
Presidents, State Colleges and Universities
Administrators of DECS-Supervised Schools
Members, FFP-FAHP National and Regional Directors
All National & Private High Schools Affiliated with FFP-FAHP

  1. Effective immediately upon issuance of this Order, Romeo L. Saplaco of Central Luzon State University is officially designated as National Adviser of the Future Farmers of the Philippines. It shall be the inherent function of his designation the implementation of the following plans:
    1. Preparation of a proposal for the Establishment of a National FFP-FAHP Headquarter in CLSU, with sub-headquarters for Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao;
    2. Reorganization of the National and Regional FFP Directorates; and
    3. In coordination with designated National Task Force, cause the finalization of the following Curricular Resource Materials:
      1. Model Curricular Programs for Secondary Agriculture, Homemaking, Fishery and Trades;
      2. Constitution and By-Laws for FFP (HS and Collegiate) and FAHP and the FFP and FAHP Advisers Associations;
      3. FFP and FAHP Manuals;
      4. Pattern of FFP and FAHP Local/Regional/ National Work Conference Activities;
      5. Vocational Agriculture and Homemaking Entrepreneurial Programs (Supervised Home and School-Directed Projects); and
      6. Resource Book on Parliamentary Procedures for FFP and FAHP Youth Organization.
    4. Through the National Directorate, of which the Adviser serves as Chairperson, to resolve problems/issues relative to FFP and FAHP finances in order to allow its use for purpose of operation and specific projects;
    5. In coordination with the Office of the DECS Secretary, the promotion implementation and assessment of FFP-FAHP Local, Regional and National Work Conferences; and
    6. Other duties and responsibilities which the DECS Secretary may ask him to discharge from time to time.
  2. The designation shall expire co-terminus with the incumbent Secretary of Education, unless otherwise renewed or recalled by competent authority.
  3. This Order is intended for implementation and guidance of those concerned in the local, regional and national levels of the FFP and FAHP organization.

Allotment: 1-3–(M.O. 1-87)

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