DO 22, s. 1996 – Selective Restoration of the District Supervisor Position in Divisions/Districts Where they are Deemed Necessary


March 12, 1996
DO 22, s. 1996
Selective Restoration of the District Supervisor Position in Divisions/Districts Where they are Deemed Necessary

To: Undersecretaries
Assistant Secretaries
Bureau, Center and Service Directors
Regional Directors, Schools Superintendents and Other Officials Concerned

  1. In view of recent findings that the district supervisor position is still generally needed particularly in rural areas to achieve a more effective instructional supervision, this position is hereby restored to its original status as a supervisory level in the DECS administrative hierarchy, subject to the following guidelines:
    1. Schools superintendents, with the concurrence/ approval of their regional directors, may have the option to restore the position in selected districts after a careful evaluation of need. For this purpose, the number of schools and their geographical location and distance for effective monitoring, the availability of regular transportation, urban-rural setting, etc., should be considered in the decision.
    2. The role of the district supervisor as an instructional leader and resource for teachers, rather than merely as an administrative supervisor, should be emphasized in their functions and duties.
    3. In the event of restoration and appointment of the position in a particular district, the school superintendent shall ensure that the system of field supervision previous to the issuance of DECS Orders No. 110, s. 1991 and No. 41, s. 1994 shall likewise be restored. Correspondingly, the designation of coordinating principals in affected district shall be withdrawn.
    4. Should a division office opt not to restore some or all district supervisor positions, the funds for such positions may be used to create new positions or upgrade existing positions, subject to the approval of the Department of Budget and Management.
    5. Considering that a number of vacated district supervisor positions in some divisions may have been converted to other positions and/or otherwise phased out since 1991, appointments of district supervisors shall be issued by regional directors only upon verification from the Department of Budget and Management that the said position may be filled.
  2. It is enjoined that regional directors and schools
    superintendents shall exert special effort to ensure that the implementation of this Order shall be harmonious and conducive to effective field supervision.
  3. The pertinent provisions of DECS Orders Nos. 110, s. 1991 and 41, s. 1994 and other issuances which are inconsistent herewith are accordingly repealed.
  4. This Order takes effect immediately.

DECS Orders: (Nos. 110, s. 1991 and 41, s. 1994)
Allotment: 1-2—(M.O. 1-87)

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