April 25, 1997 – DO 37, s. 1997 – Computer Literacy as a Basic Requirement for New Teachers

April 25, 1997
DO 37, s. 1997
Computer Literacy as a Basic Requirement for New Teachers

To: Bureau Directors
Regional Directors
School Superintendents
Presidents, State Colleges and Universities
Vocational School Superintendents/Administrators

  1. In line with the modernization program of the Department of Education, Culture and Sports, a new batch of teachers who are computer-literate will be fielded to all public schools across the country at the beginning of the school year 1997-1998.
  2. This campaign will complement other moves and thrusts of the DECS in achieving a sizeable group in the teaching force who have computer skills and who will be expected to vitalize teaching-learning processes in the schools through the use of their information technology skills.
  3. Teacher-applicants with computer background in word processing, spreadsheets, and data base softwares are preferred for the new/vacant teaching positions this SY 1997-98.
  4. Teacher-applicants with no computer background are advised to have a crash course this summer to be able to present certification on computer literacy before he/she will be accepted for teaching job.
  5. Regional directors/schools superintendents are instructed to require applicants to demonstrate their knowledge and skills on the use of computers in the course of the screening process.
  6. Immediate and wide dissemination of this Order is enjoined.

Reference: Unnumbered Memorandum dated March 21, 1997
Allotment: 1-2-3—(M.O. 1-87)

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