April 15, 1998 – DO 36, s. 1998 – Updated Guidelines on Field Supervision
April 15, 1998
DO 36, s. 1998
Updated Guidelines on Field Supervision

TO:   Undersecretaries
Assistant Secretaries
Bureau/Center/Service Directors
Regional Directors
Schools Superintendents
Other Officials Concerned

1.0   To consolidate all previously issued guidelines on field supervision, the following updated guidelines for both division and district levels are hereby prescribed.
1.1      The positions of Education and District Supervisors are hereby restored to their original status as a supervisory level in the DECS administrative hierarchy, subject to the following guidelines:
1.1.1    The functions of a district supervisor as an instructional leader and resource person for teachers should be emphasized.
In the event of restoration and appointment of public schools district supervisor, the designation of the coordinating principal shall be withdrawn.
Appointment of district supervisors shall be issued by regional directors only upon verification from the Department of Budget and Management that the positions still exist since a number of vacated district supervisor positions in some divisions may have been converted to other positions and/or otherwise phased out since 1991.
1.2     The decision to restore the position of Education Supervisor I which was provided in DECS Order No. 41, s. 1994, shall remain in force. Appointments of Education Supervisors I shall be issued by Regional Directors upon receipt of the Personnel Services Itemization (PSI) approved by the Department of Budget and Management showing the number of Education Supervisor I positions allocated for each division.
1.2.1         To achieve a rational allocation of education supervisor positions, each school division shall allocate Education Supervisor positions as follows:       For each division with 4,000 teachers or below, there should be 11 Education Supervisors I in the following subject areas:
Number             Subject
1                       English
1                       Science
1                       Mathematics
1                       Social Studies
1                       Filipino
1                       P.E., Health, Music and Arts
1                       Pre Elementary Education/SPED and Private Education
2                       THE & Livelihood Education
1                       Values Education & Guidance
1                       Non-Formal Education
Other allied concerns shall be assigned to the Education Supervisor related to his/her subject area assignment.    For each Division with more than 4,000 teachers there shall be 14 Education Supervisors I in the following subject areas:
Number                      Subject
2                                English(l Elementary & 1 Secondary)
2                                Science(l Elementary to include Health & 1 Secondary)
2                                Mathematics (l Elem. & 1 Secondary)
1                                Social Studies
1                                Filipino
1                                P.E.. Health, Music & Arts
2                                THE & Livelihood Education
1                                Values Education & Guidance
1                                Non-Formal Education
1                                Pre-Elem. Educ./SPED/ Private Education
Regardless of the number of existing Education Supervisor I positions in each division, the 11 subject areas shall be provided with a supervisor.
Incumbent Education Supervisors I whose assignments are not in any of the 11 subject areas as provided in the preceding paragraph but who have at least five (5) more years of service before retirement on the effectivity of this Order shall be encouraged to take up specialization courses in any of the subject areas mentioned. For this purpose, they may apply and be granted a one-year study leave.
All other Education Supervisors I with assignments outside of the subject areas under paragraph shall be converted to other positions needed by the division, once vacated.


2.0   The filling of the aforementioned positions, however shall be based only on the existing number of ES-I positions as per the PSI of each division.
3.0   All DECS Orders and other issuances inconsistent herewith are hereby revoked and/or amended.
4.0   This Order shall take effect immediately.


                                                                                     ERLINDA C. PEFIANCO



DECS Order: (No. 41, s. 1994)
Allotment: 1—(D.O. 50-97)
To be indicated in the Perpetual Index
under the following subjects: