May 25, 1998 – DO 46, s. 1998 – Encouraging Teachers on Detail/Reassignment to Assume Teaching Assignments Effective SY 1998-1999
May 25, 1998
DO 46, s. 1998
Encouraging Teachers on Detail/Reassignment to Assume Teaching Assignments Effective SY 1998-1999

To:    Undersecretaries and Assistant Secretaries
Regional, Staff Bureau, Center and Service Directors
Schools Division Superintendents and District Supervisors
Heads of Public Elementary and Secondary Schools
All Teachers Concerned

1.    It shall continue to be the policy of this Office to promote the welfare of all teachers by actively pursuing an agenda to further improve teachers benefits, working conditions and opportunities for professional growth and development particularly through the conduct of fully subsidized teacher training programs, fellowship/exchange programs and similar grants and/or awards for local, regional and international travels.
2.    For this purpose, the National Educators Academy of the Philippines (NEAP) in co-ordination with the Office for International Co-operation in Education Program (ICEP) shall provide guidance in the preparation of regional training programs for SY 1998-1999 using funds provided in the 1998 General Appropriations Act. When selecting teacher-recipients for these programs, priority shall be given to those who are actually handling full teaching assignments in SY 1998-1995 shown in the school academic program or Form 3.
3.    Teachers now on detail/reassignment in various offices (school/district/division/region, etc.) are encouraged to report back to their place of assignment/station and assume their designated duties as teachers. If they so choose, teachers should report to their respective school principal not later than June 15, 1998 for their teaching assignments.
4.    All heads of offices are advised to retain enough teachers on continued detail/reassignment for SY 1998-1999 to ensure that office services deemed extremely essential and critical may continue to be rendered. Requests for the creation of newplantilla items for needed administrative and support staff per school/district/division shall be submitted to the regional offices not later than June 30, 1998 for consideration in the proposed 1999 General Appropriations Act. This will correct the present peculiar situation where highly competent teachers are involuntarily removed from their career path to do tasks other than teaching.
5.    For immediate dissemination and strict compliance.


                                               ERLINDA C. PEFIANCO


Allotment: 1-3—(D.O, 50-97)
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