September 22, 1998 – DO 89, s. 1998 – Amendment to DECS Order No. 72 s. 1998 (Change in the TEEP Management)
September 22, 1998
DO 89, s. 1998
Amendment to DECS Order No. 72 s. 1998 (Change in the TEEP Management)
To:   Undersecretaries
Assistant Secretaries
Bureau Directors
Regional Directors
Directors of Services/ Centers and Heads of Units
All Others Concerned
1.   Certain foreign assisted projects are deliberately positioned to strategically influence the larger scale improvements of regular programs under which they fall. This is the case of for the Third Elementary Education Project (TEEP) in the context of the larger elementary education program. It is thus important to insure that the implementation of TEEP is provided with the appropriate guidance and direction considering the said Project’s policy  links and operational inter-relationships with the larger programs on elementary education, and nonformal education. As the TEEP Project Advisory Committee is the body which is supposed to perform this function of policy steering and program coordination , it is now necessary to amend the composition and functions of the TFFP Project Management Advisory Committee (TFFP-PMAC)
2.   The Committee shall be composed of the following members :
Chairman             :                DECS Secretary
Vice-Chairman   :                 Undersecretary for  Programs, Projects and Regional Operations
Members            :                  All Undersecretaries
All Assistant Secretaries
Project Director, TEEP
Project Manager, TEEP
Director, Bureau of Elementary Education
Director, Bureau of Secondary Education
Director, Bureau of Nonformal Education
Director, Instructional Materials Council Secretariat
Executive Director, EDPITAF
Executive Director, NEAP
Department Chief Accountant
President, League of Governors of the Philippines
President, League of Municipalities
Representatives of Parents and Teachers Association
 3.   The TEEP-PMAC shall undertake the following functions:
a.)   Provide general policy and program guidance to project implementation,
b.)   Decode on the appropriate institutions or organizational units to be mandated or assigned to lead in carrying out various aspects and components of TEEP ;
c.)   Review the  progress of project implementation and make necessary decisions to resolve issues and problems;
d.)   Provide inter-departmental coordination in the course of project implementation;
e.)   Serve as a venue for articulating the perspective and concerns of key elementary education stakeholders such as local governments, parents and communities;
f.)   Consider and formulate measures to insure the sustainability of the project’s innovations and improvements; and
g.)   Approve key project milestones such as each of the 5-year Division Education Development Plans of provinces to be supported by the project, proposed annual project plan and budget, and annual project report.
4.   The following 3 members of the PMAC shall also be designated as Deputy Project Directors with project-related duties corresponding to their respective regular functions:  Assistant Secretaries for Regional Concerns, Budget and Legal Affairs. The project Director and Project Manager shall call upon these deputy project directors as needed.
5.   Officials and members of the PMAC shall be granted such honoraria as may be appropriate in accordance with the provisions of NCC-75.
6.   This Order shall be immediately disseminated and implemented.


                                                                          ANDREW GONZALES, FSC


Reference : DECS Order (No. 72, s. 1998)

Allotment : 1-(D.O. 50-97)

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