November 25, 1998 – DO 104, s. 1998 – List of Approved Multi-Media Materials
November 25, 1998
DO 104, s. 1998
List of Approved Multi-Media Materials
To:   Undersecretaries/Assistant Secretaries
Bureau/Center/Service Directors
Regional Directors
School Superintendents, Administrators and Principals
All Others Concerned


1.   DECS announces the inclosed list of approved multi-media materials with their corresponding ceiling prices which are approved for purchase by DECS field offices. These materials have been evaluated by the DECS Center for Education Technology.
2.   Relative thereto, the following guidelines are hereby issued regarding the purchase of these instructional materials:
a.   Basic textbook shall continue to be given priority in the allocation of funds for the purchase of instructional materials;
b.   All purchases of multi-media materials for the current year shall be based on this approved list and subsequent approvals that may be issued by the Office of the Secretary;
c.   The prices contained herein are ceiling prices. Thus field officials must negotiate for discounts from suppliers particularly when large volumes of purchases are involved in order to secure the best terms for government; and
d.   Any purchase of multi-media materials shall be based on specific request from school principals and administrators and shall provide a school-by-school analysis of supply and demand for such materials.
2.   All concerned are advised to exercise judicious care in the procurement and use of these materials in order to maximize the benefits for the school.

3.   For the information and guidance of all concerned.

                                      ANDREW GONZALEZ, FSC


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