May 5, 1999 – DO 48, s. 1999 – 1999 Desk/Armchair Project
May 5, 1999
DO 48, s. 1999
1999 Desk/Armchair Project
To:   Undersecretaries
Assistant Secretaries
Regional Directors
Schools Division Superintendents
All Others Concerned1.   STATEMENT OF POLICY
   In line with the Department’s desire to provide public elementary and secondary schools with quality desk and armchairs at minimum costs, the folio wing guidelines are hereby issued for the bidding in the DECS Central Office of regional requirements for desks/armchairs.
   In order to carry out this project effectively and efficiently, the following committees are hereby constituted:
2.1   Central Office Level
2.1.1   Pre/Post Qualification, Bids and Awards Committee (PBAC) of the Central Office shall be joined by two (2) representatives from each of the region who shall sit as members of the Committee for the bidding of their regional requirements. The representatives shall be recommended by the Regional Directors.
2.1.2   The Physical Facilities Division, of the Offices of Planning Service shall evaluate all the prototype of desks and armchairs submitted by the manufacturers for accreditation.
2.2   Regional Office
2.2.1   A Regional Contract Management anti Inspection Committee (RCMIC) shall be created to oversee the implementation of the Project. The Committee shall be composed of the following:
a. Chairman    – Regional Director or
Assistant Regional Director
b. Members     – Representative, Elementary or
Secondary Division
                                                        -Chief, Supply Office
-Regional Physical Facilities Coordinator
                                                         -Two (2) representatives from each Division Office
c. Secretariat – Staff of Supply Office
3.   Scope of Contract
   The project pertains to the manufacture and door-to-door delivery of quality desks/armchairs to schools in accordance with DECS approved designs and specifications.
3.1   Allocation of Funds
   The funds for the 1999 Desk/’Armchair Project shall be used solely for the procurement of desks/armchairs and for its administration/ supervision. The ten percent (10%) allocation for the purchase of desks and armchairs from Cooperatives formed by persons with disabilities and NGOs assisting them, shall be covered by these guidelines.
3.2   Allocation of Desks/Armchairs
   It shall be the responsibility of the Regional Directors and schools Division Superintendents to determine the region’s/division’s desks/armchairs requirements; In determining the requirements, the serviceable desks/armchairs inventory vis-a-vis the enrolment should be considered. The desk requirements shall be used as the basis for allocating the desk budget among the schools divisions.
   The list of recipient schools indicating the number of units needed shall be prepared for submission to DECS Central Office PBAC to be part of the bidding  documents. The list should indicate the name of the school, location, preferred type of classroom desk/armchair and the number of units to be delivered per school. Please see attached list of approved desk/armchair types. Two lists of recipient schools should be prepared, one is for the 90% allocation, and the other is for the 10% allocation for cooperatives, following the guidelines contained in DECS Order No. 88, series of .1998 as amended try Memorandum dated February 16, 1999.
3.3   Bidding Procedures
   The DECS Central Office PBAC shall conduct the public bidding of the total desks/armchair requirement on a region-by-region basis, following these procedures:
3.3.1   Only DECS accredited manufacturers of desks and armchairs shall be allowed to participate in the bidding as specified in Memorandum dated July 27 1998 entitled “Accreditation of Suppliers/Contractors’.
3.3.2   There should be a minimum of three bidders per region. If there are less than three bidders, procurement can be done through a negotiated contract, provided that the unit price of the desk/armchair should not be higher than the price of the w inning bidders in other regions.
3.3.3   For purposes of bid evaluation an approved agency estimate (AAE) should be made before the date of the bid opening.
3.4   Contract Implementation
   Winning bidders should submit approved samples to the Regional Contract Management and Implementation Committee so that deliveries can be checked against these.
   The said Regional Contract Management and Implementation Committee shall:
a. Prepare the contract for each winning bidder;
b. Facilitate the inspection, payment and acceptance of the desk/armchairs delivered to the selected schools;
c. Prepare a monthly status report on the supply and delivery of the desk to be submitted to the Office of Undersecretary Antonio A. S. Valdes through the Physical Facilities Division, Office of Planning Service.


4.   Monitoring of desks/armchairs shall be done by the Regional and Division Physical Facilities Coordinators and Division Supply Officers to ensure the quality of the delivered desks/armchairs and determine their proper utilization. Monitoring reports are to be submitted to the Office of the Undersecretary for Finance and Administration through the Physical Facilities Division, Office of Planning Service, Central Office.
5.   Immediate dissemination and compliance of this Order is directed.



Reference: DECS Order No. 88, s. 1998
Allotment: l-(D.O, 50-97)
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