DO 12, s. 2001 – Payment of Productivity Incentive Benefit (PIB) and Uniform/Clothing Allowance for CY 2001

March 19, 2001
DO 12, s. 2001
Payment of Productivity Incentive Benefit (PIB) and Uniform/Clothing Allowance for CY 2001

To  :   Undersecretaries
Assistant Secretaries
Bureau Directors
Directors of Services/Centers and Heads of Units
Regional Directors
Schools Division/City Superintendents
All Others Concerned

1.     In pursuance to Section 2.0 of DBM Circular Letter No. 2001-5 dated March 01, 2001, the grant to the teaching and non-teaching officials and employees of this Department of the following personnel benefits is hereby authorized:
a.      Productivity Incentive Benefit (PIB) at an amount equivalent to an average of P 2,000.00 per employee; and
b.      Uniform/Clothing Allowance at P 3.000.00 per employee.
2.      The payment of PIB shall be in accordance with the provisions of DBM Circular Letter No. 3-97 dated January 31, 1997.
3.      The amount authorized for payment of uniform/clothing allowance pursuant to Section 45 of the General Provisions, page 1398 of Republic Act No. 8760, the General Appropriations Act of CY 2000, shall not be more than P 4,000.00 per employee per annum. However, the amount provided in the general appropriations level for CY 2001 is only P 3,000.00 per employee. Hence, DECS officials and employees, regardless of salary and appointment status except for those hired under service contracts, shall be paid of the clothing allowance at P 3,000.00 each. The payment of the additional P 1,000.00 per employee shall be subject to the availability of fund sources and shall be covered by a separate DECS Order.
4.     The granting of the aforementioned benefits shall be made not earlier than March 22, 2001, chargeable from the appropriations authorized for such purposes for each respective operating unit under the CY 2000 GAA as reenacted. To facilitate/expedite the payments particularly to the teaching and non-teaching personnel in the regional/field offices, the payment shall be made by the concerned Central/Regional/Division/Field Offices.
5.      In this connection, the Regional Directors and other concerned Regional Officials are enjoined to coordinate with the following:
a.  DBM Regional Offices for the immediate release of the necessary cash allocations; and
b.  Payroll Services Division (PSD) for the provision of a copy of the master list of teaching and non-teaching personnel being serviced by the said Office.

6.      For strict compliance.

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