DO 36, s. 2002 – Education for All (EFA) 2015 Plan Preparation

August 22, 2002
DO 36, s. 2002
Education for All (EFA) 2015 Plan Preparation
TO: All Undersecretaries
All Assistant Secretaries
All Regional and Bureau Directors
All Heads of Services, Centers and Units
All School Superintendents
All Others Concerned

1.  In consonance with our international commitment to ensure Education For All (EFA), the DepEd will undertake the preparation of the Philippine EFA 2015 Plan of Action. It will be in collaboration with various stakeholders at the national and field levels, including relevant government agencies and civil society groups.
2.  The EFA 2015 Plan will put into long-term perspective the DepEd goals, strategies, programs and projects. It will take into consideration the directions set out during the Department’s Management Planning Workshop held last 3-5 January 2002 in Baguio, and must ensure continuity of the reforms put in place to improve teacher welfare, enhance access to quality education, improve equity and promote good governance.
3.  In view of the critical role of DepEd as coordinator of the EFA 2015 Plan preparation, a National EFA Planning Task Force (NEPTF) is hereby created by virtue of this Order. It will be headed by Assistant Secretary Ma. Lourdes G. De Vera. The NEPTF will be comprised of four Technical Working Groups (TWGs) as shown below:
(i)  Early Childhood Care and Development or ECCD (for pre-school population);
(ii)  Formal Basic Education (for in-school population);
(iii)  Non-Formal Education/Alternative Learning System (for out-of-school children, youth and adult population); and
(iv)  Governance, Management and Financing of Basic Education.
4.  Enclosed as integral parts of this Order are the following:
  • Enclosure 1 – Executive Summary of the DepEd Management Planning Workshop in Baguio held last 3-5 January 2002;
  • Enclosure 2 – Organizational Structure for the EFA Plan 2015 Preparation;
  • Enclosure 3 – Composition/Terms of Reference of the NEPTF; and
  • Enclosure 4 – Work Plan.
5.  Urgent Tasks
i)  The NEPTF Coordinator will launch the organizational pre-planning meeting soon;
ii)  The heads of the four NEPTF TWGs are advised to identify and organize the members of their respective working groups and to prepare work plans in accordance with Enclosure 3 hereof; and
iii)  The Regional Directors are advised to designate an EFA Regional Coordinator and to begin updating their EFA databases disaggregated by division, gender, urban/rural classification.
6.  The NEPTF Secretariat shall hold office at PPD-OPS, 2F Rizal Bldg. II, and with the following contact numbers:
Direct Line: (02) 633-7216
Fax: (02) 638-8634
Trunk Line: (02) 632-1361 to 70, locals 2050 and 2214
7.  Wide dissemination of this Order is enjoined.
                                                                                                                             RAMON C. BACANI
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