DO 59, s. 2002 – Rules and Regulations on the Operation of Private Preschools

December 27, 2002
DO 59, s. 2002
Rules and Regulations on the Operation of Private Preschools

TO: Bureau Directors
Regional Directors
Schools Division Superintendents
Presidents, State Colleges & Universities
Heads of Private Schools, Colleges & Universities
School Owners/Administrators

1.  The recognition of the importance of preschool education in the development of children has brought about the establishment of a large number of preschool programs in the Philippines.
2.  To safeguard and ensure the rights of Filipino children to quality education within reasonable cost, it is imperative that guidelines on the operation of preschools, which include but are not limited to the tuition fees and other fees be enforced. Further, the requirements in the prior increase in tuition fees per DECS Order No. 12 s. 1997 have not been fully observed to the detriment of both parents and pupils.
3.  In view thereof, effective this school year 2002 – 2003, the Department of Education shall reiterate and assert its authority as stipulated in Education Act of 1982 to regulate the operation of preschools in the country.
  • DECS Order No. 107, s. 1989 re Guidelines on the Organization and Operation of Preschools, specifically on the physical environment requirement will be strictly enforced.
  • Application for permit of new schools must include information on the initial/basic tuition fees and miscellaneous fees to be charged.
  • Schools that have been operating for 2 years or more without permit should stop their operation.
  • Regional Offices shall publish in leading newspapers the list of registered preschools on or before April of each school year.
  • Established schools must update the Division/Regional offices on their existing tuition and miscellaneous fees yearly.
  • Schools should submit to the Regional Offices accomplished application form for the tuition fee increase together with minutes of meeting with parents and agreements made.
  • Regional Directors are also empowered to recommend limits on the tuition fees increase based on existing laws and guidelines subject to the control and supervision of the Secretary.
  • Regional Offices should form a fact-finding committee which includes supervisors and legal officers to conduct a dialogue/investigation on any school’s violation of the Department’s policy on exorbitant tuition and other fees charged. The committee must also recommend to the Secretary closure of preschools which violate the rules on the establishment of schools.
  • Regional Offices are required to designate a private school supervisor who will closely supervise and monitor preschools with or without permit.
  • Report on the monitoring and supervision must be submitted to the Bureau of Elementary Education, this Department.
4.  Immediate dissemination and implementation of this Order is required.

Decs Order No. 107, s. 1989

Allotment: 1—(D.O.1-97)

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