DO 6, s. 2004 – Creating a Department of Education Special Concerns Division under the Office of Assistant Secretary for Legal Affairs

February 16, 2004
DO 6, s. 2004
Creating a Department of Education Special Concerns Division under the Office of Assistant Secretary for Legal Affairs

To: Undersecretaries/Assistant Secretaries
Bureau/Service/Center Directors
Regional Directors
Schools Division Superintendents
Others Concerned

  1. In the exigency of the service and to rationalize all special concerns of the Department to ensure efficient and effective delivery of services, a Department of Education Special Concerns (DESCO) Division is hereby created.
  2. The DESCO shall be under the direction and supervision of the Assistant Secretary for Legal Affairs with the following functions:
    1. Coordinate legislative and policy-related activities between the Department of Education, Congress, National Economic and Development Authority, and the Office of the President;
    2. Undertake continuing policy work for existing bills and special concerns;
    3. Conduct and/or coordinate pro-active policy research for the strategic objectives of the Department;
    4. Monitor and ensure the integration of DepEd priority policies in legislative measures;
    5. Review the relationship of the legislative agenda to the education development policies to ensure the integration of both;
    6. Provide backstopping support, initial processing and discussion, and background information of legislative measures and policies prior to deliberation of ProgCom and ExeCom;
    7. Provide coordinative technical and backstopping support to the assigned Department special programs and concerns; and
    8. Perform such other functions as may be provided by the higher authorities.
  3. The aforementioned functions shall be performed by three (3) implementing units within the DESCO, namely: a) Legislative Liaison Unit, b) Research, Innovation and Policy Evaluation Unit and c) Special Programs and Concerns Unit (please refer to Enclosure No. 1 for the DESCO’s functional chart).
  4. The permanent manpower requirement shall be subsequently formed through transfer of positions from other offices, which will take effect after the approval of the COMELEC, and through scrap and build of existing vacant positions of the Department. The resulting plantilla positions will be forwarded to the Department of Budget and Management (DBM), for approval.
  5. Meantime that the permanent plantilla positions are not yet created, Mr. Aivan Leo R. Amit, Project Development Officer V, Office of Planning Service shall head the DESCO. Furthermore, the following personnel already involved in the aforesaid functions shall likewise be temporarily assigned to DESCO pending approval of its permanent staffing complement from the DBM:
    • Research, Innovation and Policy Evaluation Unit

    • Ms. Madeleine P. Federigan, Sr. Educ, Program Specialist, PPD-Planning Services
    • Ms. Rodelia E. Magsayo, Educ. Program Specialist, PPD-Planning Services
    • Mr. Edmon M. Yee, Project Development Officer III, TEEP
    • Mr. Nicolas Tenazas, Project Development Officer II, TEEP
    • Mr. Jonathan Fontanilla, TEEP

    • Special Program and Concerns Unit

    • Ms. Ma. Corazon D. Guerra, Sr. Educ. Program Specialist, PPD-Planning Service
  6. In addition to the warm bodies mentioned above, DESCO may also hire ten (10) personnel with technical skills under contract of service, as follows:
    Four (4) Department Legislative Liaison Specialists (DLLS – SG 22)
    One (1) Project Development Officer III (SG 18)
    One (1) Project Development Officer II (SG 15)
    One (1) Education Program Specialist I (SG 12)
    One (1) Project Development Officer I (SG 11)
    One (1) Computer Operator I (SG 7)
    One (1) Clerk III (SG 6)
  7. The plantilla items of DLLS under the Office of Secretary-Proper shall be transferred immediately to DESCO once vacated, to replace the above DLLS to be hired under contract of service. For the interim staffing complement of DESCO, please refer to Enclosure No. 2 of this order.
  8. All other DepEd Orders that are inconsistent with the provisions of this order are deem superceded.
  9. Immediate dissemination of this Order is desired.

Reference: None Allotment: 1—(D.O. 50-9)

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