DO 63, s. 2005 – Exemption from the Prohibition on Filling up of Position Pursuant to the IRR to Executive Order No. 366

December 27, 2005
DO 63, s. 2005
Exemption from the Prohibition on Filling up of Position Pursuant to the IRR to Executive Order No. 366

To: Undersecretaries
Assistant Secretaries
Directors of Bureaus/Services/Centers
Regional Directors
Schools Division/City Superintendents

  1. Under Sec. 2.2 of DBM Circular Letter No. 2005-8 dated 3 June 2005, the filling of vacant regular/permanent/itemized positions, hiring and renewal of the appointments of personnel on temporary status and of the contracts of personnel under contractual/casual/job order basis are prohibited until the Rationalization Plan of the this Department pursuant to EO 366 is approved by the President.
  2. In this connection, please be informed that in a letter dated 21 November 2005 from Hon. Laura B. Pascua of the Department of Budget and Management, copy attached, actions on the following have been approved:
    2.1. Filling of technical positions in schools (e.g. Teacher I/II/III, Secondary School Principal, Guidance Counselor, School Librarian), regional (e.g. Chief Education Supervisor, Education Supervisor II/III), and division offices (e.g. Schools Division Superintendent, Public Schools District Supervisor, Head Teacher, Elementary School Principal); and
    2.2. Renewal of contracts/appointments of personnel hired on a contractual/ casual basis providing clerical/administrative support in schools, Regional and Division Offices.
  3. Likewise, Hon. Chair Karina Constantino-David of the Civil Service Commission in a letter also dated 21 November 2005, took cognizance of the critical need to fill-up the positions of Principal, Public Schools District Supervisor and Education Supervisor, in addition to classroom teachers which are already exempted from the prohibition, and thus gave the opinion that subject positions are not affected by the rationalization plan and may therefore be exempted from the prohibition on filling-up pursuant to the IRR of EO No. 366.
    Accordingly, a corresponding Office Memorandum shall be issued by the CSC to all its Regional and Field Offices to ensure the uniform action relative to the filling-up of teaching positions.
  4. All requests for authority to fill-up positions and renew contracts/appointments allowed under the aforementioned exemptions submitted to the DepED Central Office will be forwarded to the concerned regional offices of the Civil Service Commission, together with the certification from this Office that said action will not prejudice the results of its Rationalization Plan.
  5. The filling-up however of vacant administrative and other non-teaching positions shall continue to be prohibited until the approval of the Rationalization Plan of the DepED, unless specific authority has been granted by the DBM.
  6. Wide dissemination of this Order is desired.