DO 2, s. 2006 – Operationalizing the Philippines-Australia Strengthening Implementation of Basic Education in Selected Provinces in Visayas (PA-STRIVE) Project-Phase 1

January 12, 2006
DO 2, s. 2006
Operationalizing the Philippines-Australia Strengthening Implementation of Basic Education in Selected Provinces in Visayas (PA-STRIVE) Project-Phase 1

To: Undersecretaries
Assistant Secretaries
Bureau Directors
Directors of Services/Centers and Heads of Units
Regional Directors
Schools Division/City Superintendents (Regions VII and VIII)

  1. As part of the overall national development agenda to improve the quality of and access to basic education, the Philippines-Australia Strengthening Implementation of Basic Education in Selected Provinces in Visayas (PA-STRIVE) Project-Phase I, is hereby operationalized.
  2. The operationalization of the Project is based on the Subsidiary Agreement which was signed by and between the Government of Australia through the Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID) and the Government of the Philippines on September 21, 2005.
  3. The 5-year project is designed to improve the academic performance of pupils and students in the areas of Science, Mathematics and English and provide basic education and/or livelihood opportunities for out-of-school youth and families of out- of-school children.
  4. The PA-STRIVE Phase I will be implemented in the provinces of Bohol and Northern Samar in Regions VII and VIII, respectively. It will be implemented over a period of eighteen (18) months, starting October 2005 to March 2007.
  5. During PA-STRIVE Phase I implementation, a feasibility study on the expansion of PA-STRIVE to cover additional components and divisions within the two regions and the subsequent preparation of the design for PA-STRIVE Phase II will be undertaken.
  6. The Project shall be managed on a day to day basis by the concerned Schools Division Superintendents (SDSs) in Northern Samar and Bohol, including Tagbilaran City. The SDSs shall serve as Project Implementation Managers (PIM) in tandem with the Deputy Philippine Project Director (DPPD). The Government of Australia Support to the Project will be managed by an Australian Project Director (APD) based in Bohol and a Deputy Australian Project Director (DAPD) based in Northern Samar.
  7. Clear operational lines of communication, consultations and collaborations shall be established and maintained by the Philippine and Australian Project Directors with key counterparts in EDPITAF and in regional and division offices of DepED Regions VII and VIII.
  8. To oversee and manage project activities within the regions and ensure timely and effective coordination and utilization of inputs, a Project Management Unit (PMU) shall be established and located in the Division Office of Bohol to be headed by the APD and PIM. A sub-PMU shall also be established and located at the Division Office of Northern Samar and will be headed by the DAPD together with the PIM from the Division of Northern Samar. The PMUs shall be supported with project staff in addition to the personnel to be provided by the concerned schools divisions. The PMU and Sub-PMU shall work closely with and support the operations of the division-based teams as provided in the Inception Report (IR) on project implementation management by the schools divisions.
  9. A Project Coordinating Committee (PCC) is hereby organized to provide senior management level guidance and support to the project. The PCC will consider major issues and recommendations that will impact on the direction and likely success of the STRIVE Project in meeting its objectives. It will convene twice a year with secretariat support to be provided by the PMU staff. The composition of the PCC is enclosed.
  10. A Stakeholder Working Group (SWG) representative of a cross-section of provincial stakeholders and chaired by the DepED Regional Director and co-chaired by one of the members of the Provincial School Boards, shall be organized in Bohol and Northern Samar. The Chair shall have the prerogative to select the Co-Chair and the composition of the SWG.
  11. The primary purpose of the SWGs is to discuss project progress, resolve implementation issues and/or refer them to higher authorities for action or resolution. The SWG meeting shall precede (2 months before) the PCC meeting in order to prepare the Joint 6-monthly Monitoring Reports.
  12. A STRIVE Project Coordinating Unit (PCU) at EDPITAF shall be created to serve as the overall coordinating body at the national level. The PCU shall closely coordinate with PMU in the monitoring of project activities and perform liaison work with DepED Central Office, oversight agencies and AusAID in relation to project implementation at the national and regional level.
  13. Immediate dissemination of this Order is directed.

As stated
Allotment: 1- -(D.O. 50-97)

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