May 5, 2008 DO 31, s. 2008 – Comprehensive School Health and Nutrition Package for Project: Turning Around Low Performance in English

May 5, 2008
DO 31, s. 2008
Comprehensive School Health and Nutrition Package for Project: Turning Around Low Performance in English

To: Bureau Directors
Regional Directors
Schools Division/City Superintendents
Heads, Public Elementary Schools

  1. In support to “Project Turning Around Low Performance in English”, the Health and Nutrition Center (HNC) shall intensify delivery of health and nutrition services and advocacy in the identified 1,898 public elementary schools that are categorized as low performing. The complete list of these schools are enclosed in DepED Order No. 7, s. 2008, entitled “Turning Around Low Performance in English: A Priority Program for 2008”.
  2. The package shall consist of health and nutritional assessment including vision and auditory screening, referrals, deworming, treatment of common ailments, in-school supplemental feeding and health advocacy and counseling.
  3. All school health and nutrition personnel, as well as the designated clinic teachers, shall be fully mobilized to do advocacy for the project and on the importance of good health for better learning, perform physical examination of all students/pupils, teachers and non-teaching personnel and to institute intervention measures. The support and cooperation of the local government units (LGUs), non-government organizations (NGOs), health professional associations and tertiary schools with community outreach programs should be solicited to augment available school resources.
  4. Regional directors and schools superintendents shall see to it that each school head under the Project be held accountable for the implementation of the comprehensive health and nutrition package. The Regional Health and Nutrition Unit staff are expected to coordinate all activities, lend support toward the attainment of the objectives of the school health and nutrition program and to prepare periodic/quarterly reports for submission through e-mail/fax to the Office of the Secretary (Attention: Health and Nutrition Center), DepED Complex, Meralco Avenue, Pasig City.
  5. It is reiterated that ten percent (10%) of the regional/division MOOE for supplies be allocated for the procurement of medical and dental supplies for the use of the health personnel in the examination and treatment of pupils with ailments. Travel expenses of the personnel shall likewise be provided to enable them to reach all low performing schools in due time.
  6. Enclosed, for ready reference, are the Operational Guidelines and a sample of the Individual Health Card for replication (if in June 8, 2008, the school has not received yet the cards from Central Office).
  7. Widest and immediate dissemination of and compliance with this Order is directed.

As stated
DepED Order: (No. 7, s. 2008)

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