January 14, 2009
DO 4, s. 2009
Implementing Guidelines for the Construction/Repair/Rehabilitation of Classrooms and Schools’ Water and Sanitation Facilities

To: ARMM Regional Secretary
Regional Directors
Schools Division/City Superintendents
Regional Division Physical Facilities Coordinators
All Others Concerned

  1. The appropriations for the construction and/or repair/rehabilitation of classrooms and water and sanitation facilities is provided under the CY 2009 budget. This shall be used for the implementation of the different priority projects as follows:
    1. construction and/or repair/rehabilitation of toilet and water facilities in high need areas;
    2. repair and rehabilitation of schoolbuildings including typhoon damaged schoolbuildings;
    3. repair and rehabilitation of Gabaldon and other heritage-type school buildings; and
    4. other priority schools reported needing immediate repair/rehabilitation and/or completion.
  2. As part of the pump-priming program of the government, these projects need immediate implementation. The Special Allotment Release Order (SARO) shall only be released prior to contract award. Thus, procurement can commence even without the release of the SARO. Since this is a foreign-assisted project following World Bank procurement guidelines, posting of invitation to Philippine Government Electronic Procurement System (PHILGEPS) is not mandatory.
  3. The selection of priority schools which was initially prepared by the Physical Facilities and Schools Engineering Division (PFSED) was based on the following:
    1. data on shortage of toilet and water facilities on the BEIS (SY 2008- 2009);
    2. balances for funding of some priority typhoon damaged schools;
    3. data base on the reported cost of repair/rehabilitation of Gabaldon and other types of heritage buildings; and
    4. other priority schools reported needing immediate repair/rehabilitation. Individual allocation list per Legislative District/ Schools Division shall be provided to the field by the Regional Office through the Regional Physical Facilities Coordinator (RPFC) or by the PFSED.
  4. The Schools Division Superintendents shall be responsible for ensuring that the Congressional Representatives of their respective divisions are informed of the list of priority schools to be recipients of this program. Enclosed in Annex “A” is the Pro¬forma information letter to the Representatives.
  5. The priority lists of schools shall be submitted by the Division Offices to the PFSED Office at 4th Floor Bonifacio Building, DepED Complex, Meralco Avenue, Pasig City with telefax nos. (02) 633-7263/638-4108/638-7110 and e-mail address at pfsed_010305@yahoo.com, following the format in Annex “B” not later than January 16, 2009. Copies of the priority lists shall be furnished to the Regional Offices. If the list approved by the Schools Division Superintendent is not received on the date mentioned, the proposed list prepared by PFSED shall be deemed approved.
  6. This pump-priming School Building Program shall be implemented through contracting using the Principal-led School Building Program and following the procurement guidelines of the World Bank as this project is covered in the loan agreement with the Bank under BESRA-NPSBE. Single or clustered projects amounting to $100,000.00 or PhP4,750,000.00) (using the current rate of $1=P47.50) shall be implemented using the Principal-led SBP Scheme. Special Allotment Release Order (SARO) shall only be released upon contract award has been undertaken. Procurement can push-through without release of SARO. Since this is a foreign assisted project, posting of invitation to Philippine Government Electronic Procurement System (PHILGEPS) is not mandatory.
  7. Single projects amounting to more than $100,000.00 or PhP4,750,000.00 shall be bidded by either Division, Region or by Central Bids and Awards Committee using the National Competitive Bidding adopting the implementing rules and regulations of RA No. 9184.
  8. Local Government Units (LGUs) who are interested to implement the school- building projects may be allowed, upon recommendation of the Division and Regional Office, and approval by the Central Office; provided, that a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) shall be perfected between the Department and the LGU concerned. Assessment of the LGU shall be made to determine their capability to implement the project by Administration.
  9. To ensure that these facilities can be used at the start of School Year 2009- 2010, President Arroyo instructed the Department to frontload the construction of school buildings during the long summer vacation period. Thus, procurement shall immediately commence right after the orientation-seminar workshops.
  10. Immediate dissemination of and compliance with this Order is directed.

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