May 21, 2009
DO 52, s. 2009
Requiring All Regional/Division Offices to Avail Internet Subscription and Dissemination of Updated Official DepEd Email Addresses for Regional and Division Offices

To: Regional Directors
Schools Division/City Superintendents
Regional/Division ICT Coordinators
All Others Concerned

  1. In order to improve DepED’s communication services, all regional/division offices are required to avail internet subscription using MOOE funds. For offices with two (2) or more computers connected in the Local Area Network (LAN), the required Committed Information Rate (CIR), the guaranteed internet speed is 128 kbps. The type of connection can be wired or fixed wireless.
  2. To facilitate information dissemination within the organization reiteration of the use of the official DepED email addresses is required. The list of updated regional and divisions email addresses is provided as Enclosure No. 1.
  3. The official DepED email shall be used for official communications, updates and for the electronic updating of Personnel Services Itemization and Plantilla of Personnel.
  4. DepED Regional and Division ICT Coordinators are tasked to facilitate this undertaking and coordinate with other offices/units in the regions/divisions for the use of this official email address.
  5. Steps on how to retrieve and open email accounts, please refer to Enclosure No. 2.
  6. Upon receiving this Order, password/s must be changed and for email accounts that will encounter problems, please contact Mr. Joseph Santiago or Mr. Elmer Guizano of ICTU, Technical Service, DepED Central Office at tel. nos. (02) 635-7369 or (02) 633-7264.
  7. Moreover, it is required that emails are checked everyday for updates and passwords must be changed periodically to secure the email accounts from
    unauthorized usage. Request must be sent to jvsantiago@, and To do so, use the email account assigned to your office.
  8. In the event that other offices within the regional office or division office will require separate email accounts, the Regional/Division ICT Coordinators are required to assist in accomplishing the request addressed to Mr. Elmer Guizano, Administrative Officer IV, Officer-in-Charge, Information and Communication Technology Unit (ICTU), Technical Service, DepED Central Office.
  9. This Department orders the use of official email address as replacement for personal email address in transacting with other offices/divisions/agencies. It must be strictly used for dissemination of information in the Department.
  10. Immediate dissemination of and strict compliance with this Order is directed.

As stated Reference:
Allotment: – -(D.O. 50-97)

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