June 15, 2009
DO 59, s. 2009
Reconstituting the Task Force on Multi-Media Instructional Materials

To: Undersecretaries
Assistant Secretaries
Bureau Directors
Regional Directors
Directors of Services, Centers and Head of Units
Schools Division/City Superintendents
All Others Concerned

  1. The Task Force on Multi-Media Instructional Materials is hereby reconstituted to be composed of the following:Chair: Mr. Mari Paul C. Soriano, Director, Technical Service
    Co-Chair: ASEC Jesus G. Galvan, Finance and Administration Members: Dr. Yolanda S. Quijano, Director, BEE
    Ms. Virginia Fernandez, (alternate), BEE
    Dr. Lolita M. Andrada, Director, BSE
    Mr. Edward Garcia (alternate), BSE
    Dr. Carolina S. Guerrero, Director, BALS
    Mr. Roderick P. Corpuz (alternate), BALS
    Ms. Socorro A. Pilor, Executive Director, IMCS
    Mr. Eric U. Labre (alternate), IMCS
    Ms. Aida Carpentero, Director, PS
    Mr. Adonis Barraquias (alternate), PS
    Mr. Elmer Guizano, OIC-ETU
    Ms. Bernadette L. Narvasa, Chief, Audio-Visual Division
    Mr. Roberto Molina (alternate)
  2. The reconstituted Task Force shall continue to perform its functions as contained in DepED Order No. 23, s. 2007 starting June 15, 2009. All other provisions of the aforementioned DepED Order shall continue to be implemented.
  3. Immediate dissemination of and compliance with this Order is directed.

DepED Order: (No. 23, s. 2007)
Allotment: l—(D.O. 50-97)

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