June 15, 2009
DO 61, s. 2009
Addendum to DepEd Order No. 43, s. 2009 (CY 2009 School Furniture Procurement Program)

Regional Secretary
Regional Directors
Schools Division/City Superintendents

  1. DepED Order No. 43, s. 2009 entitled “CY 2009 School Furniture Procurement Program” contains the guidelines for the implementation of the School Furniture Procurement Program by the Divisions, Regions and Central Office using their 75%, 15% and 10% budget allocation, respectively. This addendum is hereby issued to further guide the procuring entity in the procurement of school furniture:
    1. Procurement from Arts and Trade School
      1. Pursuant to the Special Provisions of the General Appropriations Act (GAA) FY 2009, the procurement of school furniture may be contracted to Arts and Trade Schools and other similar government technical/vocational schools with technical capabilities in the manufacturing and fabrication of school furniture;
      2. The Division Offices will be the procuring entity to procure from arts and trade schools and from other government technical /vocational schools using the Division’s 75% budgetary allocation for school furniture;
      3. The Division Bids and Awards Committee will undertake the procurement process using the negotiated procurement as the alternative method of procurement following the provisions of R.A. No. 9184;
      4. Arts and trade schools and other similar government technical/vocational schools shall be invited if they are interested to supply and deliver the school furniture requirement of the division;
      5. The Division BAC shall evaluate the technical capability of interested arts and trade schools in manufacturing and fabrication of school furniture. The contract amount shall depend on the production capacity of the arts and trade schools; and
      6. The contract implementation and monitoring shall follow the procedure of DepED Order No. 43, s. 2009.
    2. Color of Markings/Labels on School Furniture
      1. In order to identify the procuring entity that procured and the supplier that delivered the school furniture, a marking/label shall be painted on the school furniture; and
      2. The procuring entity shall ensure that all school furniture to be procured shall have the following markings using their assigned colors:
        1. The markings to be painted on the school furniture shall be:
          “DepED Project CY 2009 SFPP Name of Supplier”
        2. The markings shall be painted on the following parts of the school furniture:
          • At the back of the backrest for armchairs, teacher’s chair and elementary chair;
          • On one side of the teacher’s table, science laboratory table, workbenches and library table; and
          • Under the seat for stools.
        3. Colors of the Markings
          White – Central Office
          Blue – Regional Office
          Green – Division Office

Immediate dissemination of and compliance with this Order is directed.

Reference: DepED Order: (No. 43, s. 2009)
Allotment: 1- -(D.O. 50-97)

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