March 5, 2010 DO 19, s. 2010 – Creation of International Cooperation Office (ICO)

March 5, 2010
DO 19, s. 2010
Creation of International Cooperation Office (ICO)

Currently, the Department relies on fragmented and ill-defined mechanism governing international transactions which sometimes result to duplication of actions or activities among different Offices/Units or even of inaction of requests of international bodies/organizations.

The need for the Department to establish a dedicated office for international cooperation has been highlighted with its hosting of the 45th and 5th ASED Meeting. While the event was handled by different DepEd Offices, there was no defined Unit in the Central Office that served as the central and focal coordinative unit.

In view of these and other concerns, the International Cooperation Office (ICO) is hereby created to oversee international concerns. It shall perform the following functions:

  1. Serve as clearing house for all international transactions within the Department including bilateral and multilateral cooperation;
  2. Act as a focal point for DepEd in the planning and coordinating of international and regional programmes and activities of SEAMEO, APEC, ASEAN, USAID, AUSAID, WB, UNESCO and other UN bodies;
  3. Coordinate bilateral and multilateral cooperation between Philippines and other countries including international organizations;
  4. Enhance Philippine participation and cooperation in international bilateral and multilateral programs on education;
  5. Coordinate agreements/understanding between other countries related to education and make representations to the Department of Foreign Affairs
  6. Coordinate visits of dignitaries and delegates from other countries to DepEd.

Due to the importance and high level involvement of the Department in international commitments and cooperation in educational programs, the ICO shall be headed by an Undersecretary.

This Order shall take effect immediately. All other existing orders and/or memoranda inconsistent with this Order are superceded and therefore deemed rescinded.

For information and guidance of all concerned.

Jesli A. Lapus