May 17, 2010
DO 48, s. 2010
Guidelines for the Allocation of Centrally Procured Supplementary Reading, Reference, and Other Instructional Materials for the Library Hubs
  1. This Order intends to advocate to all stakeholders the allocation of centrally procured Supplementary Reading/Reference Materials (SRMs) and other Instructional Materials (OIMs) for the Library Hubs.
  2. Subject to the release of funds by the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) to DepEd – Central Office (DepEd-CO), from the lump sum textbook budget of DepEd, a minimum amount of P 300 million is allocated per year for the procurement of SRMs and OIMs for the different batches of Library Hubs that are operational during the procurement/budget year. The lump sum budget is allotted into sixty percent (60%) for elementary titles and forty percent (40%) for secondary titles.
  3. Only SRMs and OIMs included in DepEd Order 112, s. 2009, List of Approved Supplementary and Reference Materials, may be purchased. The SRMs and OIMs provided under this initiative are in addition to those provided by sponsors or those procured using funds other than the lump sum allocation for this purpose.
  4. Library Hubs are divided into batches of thirty-five (35) hubs per batch. The composition of each batch depends on when the hubs have complete facilities to ascertain their readiness to operate as required by the Library Hub Project.
  5. Batch 1 composed of 35 Library Hubs was provided with 324 titles – 183 titles funded through the World Bank (WB) and 141 funded from the General Appropriations Act (GAA). The 2nd & 3rdBatches of 70 Library Hubs were provided with 420 titles. Succeeding batches will also be provided a combination of reading and reference materials, in which elementary titles shall have 80% reading materials and 20% reference materials while secondary titles shall have 90% reading materials and 10% reference materials.
  6. The number of copies per title depends on the size of the Library Hub. The sizes of the hubs were determined by considering the cluster schools that the hub could service. A large size Library Hub will be provided thirty six (36) copies per title; a medium size, twenty five (25) copies per title; and a small size, nineteen (19) copies per title. The total number of titles to be procured will he determined upon completion of negotiation by the DepEd-C’O Bids and Awards Committee (BAG 1) with publishers/distributors.
  7. In order to equip Library Hubs with more materials. Schools Division Superintendents arc encouraged to be more resourceful in acquiring SRMs and OIMS for the Library Hubs guided by COA rules and regulations and the Government Procurement Reform Act or R.A. 9184.
  8. Immediate and wide dissemination of this Order is desired.
Mona D. Valisno