DepEd Regional Management Committee finalizes internal guidelines on hiring

After extensive deliberations, the Regional Management Committee (RMC) has finalized resolutions ensuring the adherence of DepEd officials to existing policies on recruitment, selection and placement.
The recently released resolutions warrant a uniform understanding of DepEd Orders and Issuances on the selection and promotion of teaching, related teaching and non-teaching positions which will assist Personnel Selection Boards (PSBs) up to the school level.
“These internal guidelines do not intend to amend, modify or change the guidelines issued by the Department, instead, these are adapted in conformity with said guidelines to facilitate ranking activities,” said Assistant Regional Director Estela L. Cariño.
Resolution No. 1 which expounds on DepEd Order No. 66, series 2007 and DepEd Order No. 42, series 2007 clearly outlines the determinants in the selection process, namely: Performance Rating, Experience, Outstanding Employee Award, Innovation, Research and Development Projects, Publication, and Consultancy or Speakership.
Each determinant was thoroughly discussed by the RMC with the participation of members of the division selection boards consisting mostly of administrative officers and human resource officers.
Issues on innovation, outstanding employee awards, and performance rating were also clarified.
On the one hand, Resolution No. 2, delves on the progression system of master teachers as promulgated by DECS Order No. 57, series 1997.
Master Teacher I applicants have to obtain 25 points in leadership and potential or has been a demonstration teacher on the district level plus 15 points in leadership and potential states the resolution.
The 25 points can be gained from any of the items outlined in the table for credit points for leadership and potential of the said order. Moreover, it does not require for one or more demonstration teaching for as long as the applicant has fulfilled the 25 points from the list of items for credit points in leadership and potential.
The resolutions are offshoots of a series of discussions during two successive Regional Management Committee Meetings held at Asin Hot Spring Pooten Resort, Asin, Nangalisan, Tuba, Benguet and Monte del Rosario Springs, Benteng, Rosario, La Union last July 29 and September 7, respectively.
Schools Division Offices (SDOs) provided copies of the resolutions to their respective Civil Service Commission (CSC) Field Offices as well as schools for their information and guidance.