R1AA 2016: DepEd-RO1 Ensures Players’ Safety at Playing Venues

San Fernando City, La Union – To ensure the safety of the players, coaches, technical staff and other delegates during the 2016 Region 1 Athletic Association (R1AA) meet, the Department of Education Regional Office 1 (DepEd-RO1) officiated the Technical Management Conference at the San Carlos City Division Office Conference Hall, San Carlos City, Pangasinan on January 11, 2016.

The participants presented the issues and concerns which may affect the competition and recommended means of providing security to the players both in the different playing venues and billeting areas.

Mr. Lorenzo A. Agustin, Regional Sports Coordinator, Presiding Officer, directed the Tournament Managers and Event Coordinators to visit the venue of the different sports events and the billeting schools. They were tasked to determine the adequacy of sports facilities and equipment, electrical lightings and installations, suitability and situation of the playing areas, and the players’ comfort.

To ensure that everything will be in place prior to the meet, Agustin asked for feedbacks and assessment. He welcomed suggested solutions and urged its immediate implementation.

As means of prioritizing the protection, security and welfare of the players, it was agreed that no billeting area will be used as location of any sports event. A barricade will also be installed in the venue.

The Sports Events include Arnis, Archery, Athletics, Badminton, Baseball, Basketball, Chess, Gymnastics, Football, Sepak Takraw, Futsal, Softball, Swimming, Table Tennis, Taekwondo, Tennis, Boxing, Billiards, Volleyball, Wrestling, Wushu and Boccee.

The R1AA 2016 will start on Feb. 21.