Theme: Story Of Hope

January 5, 2016

People may have been going through one of the lowest seasons in their lives and we find hard to carry it on. However, whatever we are going through today, we should always reflect and realize that there is HOPE. God wants us to work in and through us in the midst of our pain. Filipinos manifest hope through their resiliency and strength of spirit; we first see it in our spontaneous, warm, and infectious smiles. Our sincere smiles reveal a cheerful approach to life, sense of humor, a pleasant disposition, and an indomitable personality. Beneath our laughter is a pliant spirit that enables Filipinos to weather the worst economic and social conditions that aid us despite adversities. Looking at the destruction brought about by certain disasters, it is difficult to imagine how affected communities will recover and rebuild the damages done.

Our hope prompts the optimism of the people who incorrigibly think and believe that the future is always better than what is currently happening. There was a certain account that really could tell how hope is shown by Filipinos. An orphanage, set up by foreigner, was greatly devastated and destroyed by the super typhoon Yolanda. At the height of the typhoon’s onslaught, the foreigner, together with 50 children, was trapped inside the orphanage. What amazed the foreigner was how the children/orphans were able to hold on during the pounding of the killer storm, and how they were able to smile after that terrible and dreaded experience. Despite the many damages, they still showed the true spirit of humanity and the true spirit of Filipinos. They were holding on, refusing to surrender, and rejecting the idea of giving up.

In fact, these children who survived from the typhoon helped the foreigner to bring aids and reliefs to the victims of the calamity. Since bridges were ruined, they didn’t have any other choice but to cross river and just hold on to a rope, carrying with them the different relief goods. They never lose lope, they fought with their struggles, and they delivered the aids to the victims. Every beginning is a season of HOPE and like the bamboo, which thrives in the harshest environment; Filipinos are already tested by situations and have survived in the most trying of times. This story of hope depicts the very significant and prominent attitude of Filipinos of being active when beset by troubles by doing something good to help others. ELWIN O. MONCADA SEPS – Planning & Research SDO Biliran.