Melengas Dance Ensemble: A Brand of Elegance and True Artistry

March 11, 2016

In its truest sense, elegance and grace are the epitome of a true artist. Every heartbeat, every move, curl and swag of the body portrays true beauty of its own brand of artistry.

What makes an audience, spectator, drawn and applaud performance? It’s the making of this team and how dedicated they were to meet their own kind of act. They say “many are called but few are chosen.” Indeed…this group’s performance was superb that recently when they performed at the ANI-A (Harvest of the Arts) at La Salle University, Ozamiz City, last March 5. They were declared as the champion. The competition was contested by seven high school dance groups from Mindanao and they were known to be the best among the best.

Melengas Dance Ensemble hailed from Zamboanga del Sur National High School in Pagadian City. Accordingly, they are the finest in the place. We’re not only proud for such great remarks but we take pride to know that they are our very own. The school has produced the best of its kind. During the competition, they were asked to present two entries. As such, the group presented their heart out to the music entitled “Jota se Medellin” and “Las Panderetas.”

The response was so overwhelming and made them gained confidence for a chance of a lifetime to perform in such an august body.

Grateful for the mentors, Mr. Odysso D. Oyales, Special Program for the Arts Coordinator of Zamboanga del Sur National High School who is also known to be the “Master” or “Brain Child” of the group.

They say that “the success of every show lies to the people behind the curtain.” The group recognized the help and support of Mr. Hubert E. Patriarca, Head Teacher III and Dr. Roberto Bibanco, Principal IV of the said school.

Truly, Melengas Dance Ensemble radiates even in times of adversity.