The Influence of History: Zamboanga Peninsula History of Districts unveiled

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

To be able to shed light of the respective experiences, culture and other stories that are of relevance to our present generation is vital to know and understand the past and appreciate its legacy to the present generation. DepEd Regional Office IX would like to give systematic exposition on the events that would mean a huge information in Zamboanga Peninsula with the covered schools divisions, districts and schools both public and private.

This gesture shows significant value of the so called historical accounts by way of flashing the accurate and reliable information about divisions, districts and schools of DepEd Region IX.

In order to feature its narrative and give credence to its value, Dr. Isabelita M. Borres, ordered to fast tract the gathering of the complete historical data.

DepEd Regional Office IX solicited the support of all schools division offices directing districts and schools to submit historical origin reflecting names of the past and present superintendents, district supervisors and school administrators of their respective turf.

This is an attempt to be able to gather data of the anthologies of ZamPen school background for all students to appreciate the picture of their past and ultimately capture its essence.

“We desire that our school children will be able to learn their identity and develop a sense of pride from where they come from. Knowing their roots would engage them further to appreciate its small beginnings. Learning about the past is an excellent means to make a wise decision for the next generation.” according to RD Isabelita M. Borres.