PASIG CITY, November 9, 2018 – Following its pronouncement during the World Teachers’ Day (WTD) celebration in October, and as part of its unwavering efforts to continuously expand the scope of employee welfare, the Department of Education (DepEd) issued the guidelines on the grant of anniversary bonus in the amount of P3,000 to its teaching and non-teaching personnel across all governance levels.

The move is pursuant to Administrative Order No. 263 dated March 28, 1996, and the Department of Budget and Management’s (DBM) National Budget Circular (NBC) No. 452 dated May 20, 1996, both authorizing the grant of anniversary bonus to officials and employees of government entities.

All DepEd personnel who are employed on a full-time or regular, part-time basis or under permanent, temporary or casual status, and contractual personnel whose employment is in the nature of a regular employee, and whose salaries/wages are being charged against the budgetary allocation for Personnel Services, and have rendered at least one year of service as of date of the milestone year, are eligible to receive the said bonus.

In 2018, all eligible DepEd personnel shall receive the anniversary bonus before the year ends.

Milestone year is defined as the 15th anniversary of the government agency, and every fifth year thereafter. As such, any employee may receive anniversary bonus only once every five years, regardless of transfers from one agency to another.

While the National Historical Commission of the Philippines, through a letter to DepEd’s Bureau of Human Resources and Organizational Development-Employee Welfare Division (BHROD-EWD) dated December 27, 2017, recommended the adoption of December 20, 1863 as DepEd’s foundation date considering its oldest predecessor — the Comision Superior de Instruccion Primaria, former president Fidel Ramos issued Administrative Order No. 322 on March 20, 1997, identifying June 23, 1898 as the Department’s founding date, following the establishment of the Bureau of Education during the short-lived First Philippine Republic.

DepEd’s field offices shall be guided on the said grant by DepEd Order No. 047, s. 2018 dated November 6, 2018.