JANUARY 28, 2021

Legazpi City – Director Gilbert Sadsad recently issued a memorandum calling all public-school officials and personnel in Bicol to be extra cautious in using the social media and online communication platforms and encouraged them to use it to improve the service delivery, efficiency, and productivity especially in this time of crisis.

“As educators, we should be more conscious of our sphere of influence and only engage in online discussions if we can add value to the discourse” said Sadsad.

Director Sadsad emphasized that DepEd employees, as civil servants, are bound to use social media responsibly, aligned with the provision or RA 6713 or the Code of Conduct of and Ethical Standards of Public Officials and Employees.

The DepEd Central Office, through the Public Affairs Services, is now crafting a social media policy to guide all its employees of the proper and responsible use of various digital platforms of communication. However, pending approval and implementation of the said DepEd Social Media policy, Sadsad advised all DepEd employees in Bicol to observe basic and responsible acts of using social media such as practicing fact checking/ verification of information sourced from online platforms, ensuring online post would promote respect and trust to the department and ensuring that online posts will not directly tarnish the image of the department, its personnel, and the civil service in general.

Further, he encouraged DepEd personnel to promote online posts that dignifies other people or entities rather than engaging in libelous remarks which are violative of existing law. He also reminded all concerned to moderate the use of social media so as not to interfere with the official work and duties.

In the said memorandum, Director Sadsad also encouraged his colleagues from the private sector to adopt the same basic and responsible social media practices.