March 16, 2021 – The teaching and majority of the non-teaching personnel of the Department of Education (DepEd) are set to receive their 2019 Performance-Based Bonus (PBB) after the IATF (AO25TF) declared the Department eligible for the annual incentive.

“For PBB 2019, DepEd met 13 out of the 15 indicators. We are eligible as an agency because we met all the good governance indicators after our appeal on nationwide Philgeps non-compliances,” Undersecretary for Planning, and Human Resource and Organizational Development Jesus Mateo said.

DepEd was able to submit indicators promoting efficient government services, including  (1) Transparency Seal; (2) PhilGEPS Posting; (3) Streamlining and Process Improvement (SPI) of Agency Services; (4) Posting of Agency Review and Compliance Procedure of Statement and Financial Disclosures; (5) Freedom of Information (FOI) Compliance; (6) Posting of Agency’s System of Ranking Delivery Units; (7) QMS Requirement; (8) Submission of Financial Reports; (9) Compliance with at least 30% of Prior Years’ Audit Recommendations; (10) Submission of FY 2019 APP non-CSE; (11) Submission of FY 2020 APP-CSE; (12) Submission of FY 2018 APCPI; and (13) Budget Utilization Rate (BUR).

Usec. Mateo noted that although teaching and non-teaching positions are eligible for DepEd, some non-teaching staff in non-compliant regions will be isolated.

The AO25TF and the Results-Based Performance Management System (RPMS) determine, through a set of guidelines, if government agency or individual personnel met the requirements that will deem them eligible for the bonus.

“PBB is not budgeted in DepEd because you can only get the PBB when the AO25 Task Force has evaluated the agency eligible for the PBB,” explained Usec. Sevilla.

According to both Usec. Sevilla and Usec. Mateo, the Department will wait for the official communication from AO25TF to confirm the eligibility of the Department. The AO25TF is expected to send the letter within the week.

After the confirmation of eligibility of DepEd by the AO25TF, the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) will facilitate the releases of the bonuses. The school-based personnel will be the first ones to receive their bonuses, then the SDO-based personnel who are assigned in the schools comes next, followed by School Division Offices (SDOs), Regional Offices (ROs), and lastly, the Central Office (CO).

DBM will download the funds to its Regional Offices (ROs), then directly releases them to DepEd ROs and SDOs to the respective personnel eligible for the grant of PBB.

Pay-out for PBB 2019 will depend on the submission of validated reports from schools and field offices. The processing time of which by AO25TF depends on the completeness of documents submitted during the validation period (ranking, eligibility and isolation list) and downloading of funds from DBM to the ROs, ROs to SDOs and SDOs to personnel.

Meanwhile, Usec. Mateo also provided updates for the 2020 and 2021 PBB. For 2020, the Department aims for recalibration to make sure that DepEd will be fully eligible and no one will be isolated from the PBB. The undersecretary also reminded offices to be mindful of the deadlines for the submissions of indicators for future PBBs.

While waiting for the 2019 PBB, Usec. Sevilla urged DepEd personnel to continue providing quality service to the people and to remain committed, dedicated, and devoted to supporting the programs of the Department for the learners and the education sector.