By Daison Cruz

November 29, 2021 – Region X, led by Regional Director Dr. Arturo B. Bayocot, expressed support for biodiversity stewardship in the 5th National Climate Change Conference (NCCC) during the closing ceremony program last November 19 to 25.

“Stewardship of biodiversity for climate stability is a real challenge, a wonderful opportunity, and a collective responsibility. And yes, to be a steward of biodiversity for climate stability is a responsibility not only of one person or a few but for everyone.” Regional Director Bayocot emphasized.

He added that every person understands how ecosystems are being affected by climate change and how these changes in our natural ecosystems threaten biodiversity worldwide. Nevertheless, it is still a challenge to be stewards of biodiversity.

He also said that it is an opportunity to be a steward of biodiversity and that is the reason everyone is very grateful for this online celebration of the 5th NCCC, which also affords us a wonderful platform to create meaningful change and help every person gain deeper appreciation and awareness of the country’s vast biodiversity.

“As tenants and caretakers of this planet, it is our duty to find beneficial, practicable, and sustainable means to manage, restore, and protect our ecosystems. Thereby supporting climate change mitigation, and adaptation interventions.”

Dr. Bayocot said that in this collective responsibility, full, genuine, and active participation in all efforts towards climate stability is not only necessary but also beneficial. The youth can actively engage and even take the lead in various climate education acts.

Like other regional directors of DepEd, he aims to teach and make people understand how important biodiversity is to the country and to the planet.