MANDALUYONG CITY, February 10, 2023— Vice President of the Philippines and Secretary of Education Sara Z. Duterte advocated for education reforms through unity and shared education goals as she was elected as SEAMEO council president for 2023 to 2025.

“The Philippines humbly accepts the challenge in leading its ASEAN counterparts in the post-pandemic recovery by pursuing much-needed reforms to our education system, ensuring that these fit within our priority, education agenda, outline, and the SEAMEO Strategic Plan 2021 to 2030,” VP-Sec. Duterte said in her speech.

“I am pleased to note that your unwavering unity in our shared cause for enhanced cooperation in education, science, and culture has strengthened and allowed us to rise above the difficulties we faced within our organizations and our respective institutions,” she added.

The Education Secretary thanked and acknowledged the efforts made by the former president, H.E Chan Chun Sing of Singapore, that led to education reforms that helped learners worldwide cope with the effects of the pandemic.

“As we move forward to a new chapter of cooperation for the greater good of the ASEAN Region and our respective countries it is my hope that the gains we have achieved in the past years will enable a new way for a proactive and unprecedented region of developments in our priority areas,” VP-Sec. Sara stated.

As VP-Sec. Sara assumed her post as the head of the Council, she called for the efforts of the members to make impactful changes for their learners. She promoted the regional operation mechanism that will enable the ASEAN countries to work together by sharing and championing their best practices in their respective education systems.

Duterte also emphasized the importance of the discussions of the education ministers and how they can contribute to greater capacity for a brighter future for children.

“We will take advantage of our diversity and varied experiences to rethink our current practices to innovate and make policies, plans, and frameworks that will further strengthen our existing education systems. I look forward to productive discussions with you throughout this presidency as we work towards our shared education goals in harmony and solidarity,” the concurrent Education Chief and SEAMEO Council President noted.

Duterte also acknowledged SEAMEO as one of the most proactive partners of DepEd in support of teachers, researchers, and learners.

“Together, let us pursue our mission to achieve equitable, quality, and inclusive education through effective collaboration and leadership. Together, let us work for the brighter future of our children, our respective nations, and the whole of ASEAN,” she said.