The Department of Education (DepEd) strongly warns the public against a deceptive Labas-Casa/Assume Balance/Loan Accommodation scheme that targets public school teachers.

In cooperation with law enforcement authorities, DepEd found out that there are 29 cases currently filed against the perpetrators of this fraudulent scheme that originated in Pampanga, according to a recent investigation.

The scheme involves enticing teachers with financial difficulties to apply for a car loan in exchange for a certain amount of cash, including the downpayment for the unit, and a promise of passive income in a transport network vehicle service (TNVS) as incentives if the loan is approved. Unknown to the victims, the perpetrators have connections to some car dealerships and bank employees who will facilitate a pre-arranged loan approval.

These perpetrators will then abandon their victims once mortgaged cars are turned over to them, giving the teachers more financial woes.

DepEd shall continue its close coordination with the authorities to apprehend the individuals behind this and further protect the welfare of teachers against such illegal activities. The Department will also conduct debriefing, counseling, and psychological first aid to the teachers victimized by this scheme.

Likewise, we remind our teaching and non-teaching personnel, and the public as well, to remain vigilant against financial scams. To report similar or other incidents, please contact the DepEd Public Assistance and Action Center at 8636-1663 and 8633-1942 or email at