DO 50, s. 2002 – Establishment of Interim City Schools Division Amended by DO 58, s. 2002 – Amendment to DepEd Order No. 50, s. 2002

October 21, 2002
DO 50, s. 2002
Establishment of Interim City Schools Division

To : Regional Directors
Schools Division Superintendents

1.  Pursuant to DepEd-DBM organization and staffing standards, a schools division may be established in. each city with at least 750 public elementary and secondary school teachers, including Head Teachers and Principals. A city with less than 750 public school teachers remains under the jurisdiction of a provincial schools division.
2.  There are, however, newly converted cities where the creation of a DepEd city schools division is provided in their respective charters but which do not meet the DepEd-DBM minimum requirement of 750 teachers to warrant establishment of a separate schools division. Moreover, there are also existing cities without such provision in their charters but which have proposed the creation of a separate schools division in the recent past as a means of improving the supervision of schools. A listing of the said cities is hereto attached.
3.  In this regard, establishment of an interim city schools division for these newly converted cities and existing old cities shall be authorized by DepEd Central Office, provided that the following conditions are met and submitted to this Office for approval:
a.  A Memorandum of Agreement shall be drawn up by and between the City Mayor and the Regional Director, stating that the operating requirements of the interim city schools division shall be borne by the city government;
b.  The assignment of the Officers-In-Charge, who shall be either Schools Division Superintendents or Assistant Schools Division Superintendents, shall come from the mother schools division or from any schools division within the region;
c.  The staffing shall be provided by DepEd and will come from the respective mother schools division, in cases where there are excess positions, and/or from schools districts or individual schools. In the event that the excess positions are with incumbents, a certification on the willingness of the concerned employees to be transferred to the interim schools division is necessary;
d.  The city government may also provide other positions, in instances where the mother schools division cannot afford to offer such positions. All other officials and employees shall be provided by the city government concerned, however, they shall be appointed on a co-terminus basis with the funds provided therefore. Hence all positions created shall be deemed abolished and the services of the appointees shall be terminated once the city government fails and/or refuses to appropriate the necessary funds; and
e.  In case the city government ceases to fund the operating requirements, the administration and supervision of the interim schools division shall be reverted back to the mother schools division where they formerly belonged.
4.  It is understood that no new positions shall be created by the national government and that the city government shall continue funding the personal services for any positions it may create and the operating requirements of the interim city schools division, until such time that the DepEd-DBM requirement of 750 public school teachers is met, and its funding requirements are provided for in the General Appropriations Act.
5.  Immediate dissemination of this Order is desired.

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Allotment: 1—(D.O. 50-97)

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